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  1. <Yelling Obsenities & Flippin the bird> 1st amendment right???

    PB Open Water
    This is why I wont go to sporting events anymore, it would be the guy behind me for sure. What's this world coming to???? Also why I dont like lawyers.;) I'm sure we have all seen a guy like this sometime in our lifetime!!! And the judge says it is his constitutional right WTF NSF NFL fan code...
  2. Done Flippin

    Here's a pic of your seat. I will bring it with me to Needles.
  3. Done Flippin

    Combine M&D horsepower with a Billy B. bottom blueprint and This is the result! :))THumbsUp
  4. Krazy Kolors goes mobile to paint Done Flippin's new boat!

    Had to go to Long Beach yesterday to help Billy put the finishing touches on Scotty's new boat...Didn't get to see him, but as we were leaving 2 "friends" of his showed up. One "fella" told us he was VERY close to Scotty and hoped that he would show up soon because the 3 of them were going to...
  5. Done Flippin

    Call me @ the shop please 2nite!!!