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  1. phenolic floats

    PB Open Water
    Anyone ever had a standard holly float get crushed by high fuel pressure (15psi) with a boost regulated regulator on a blower application? My engine guy said I need phenolic floats that come in the marine conversion kit on ebay for $62 each. I have never heard of this. I just bought 2 new holly...
  2. the old hallett floats after 13 yrs

    first id like to thank the guys who answered my guestions in the past, truely a great bunch of intelligence here.. it has a stroked fe 428, now stretched to 480cid, ran 630hp on the dyno at 6200rpm, no spray. it has edelbrock performer rpm heads that i had c&c milled, and massive port work...
  3. Ultra Boats Key Chain Floats - Limited quanity!

    Parts for Sale
    Ultra Custom Boats Keychain Float | eBay A buddy of mine had a box of these in his garage. Check out the link if interested. I only have about 100 total. I have RED/ORANGE/GREEN/WHITE.
  4. Another B-Boat Floats

    Today was the maiden voyage of my 3 year project. It floated and drove fine. One drain valve didn't work well and took on a little water. Motor had some issues and needs attention. Thanks to Heath Herbert Don at Pat's Fiberglass Billy B Stu Jerry Cotter Tommy Turn Over (brother-in-law in...
  5. Holley center hung floats

    Parts for Sale
    Holley center hung floats Have a variety of Holley floats, PM what you need. some are standard, some are for use with jet extensions. $5.00 ea. jet extensions $5.00 All parts plus shipping
  6. Holley center hung floats

    Boats for Sale
    Have a variety of Holley floats, PM what you need. some are standard, some are for use with jet extensions. $5.00 ea. jet extensions $5.00 All parts plus shipping
  7. Ultra-Light aircraft w/floats

    Boats for Sale
    For Sale or Trade... Eipper Quicksilver MXL, 50+ HP and an MX, 32 HP. Both come with Puddle Jumper retractable gear floats, chutes and extras. Estimated value is $6000 and $4000. Make offers, anything will be considered. If you're on this site then you like a good adrenaline rush, Flying...
  8. Holley Floats

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a 496 bbc with two 1050 dominators sitting sideways on a tunnel ram. The engine makes 800hp, and I'm using a Clay Smith 140gph mechanical pump, and the pressure is set at 7.5#. Here's my problem, the boat launches hard then lays down then accelerates again. I was told that the side...
  9. Who floats your boat?

    I'm curious how many boats of the biggest manufacturers are represented in here. The poll only allows 10 so I listed what I consider the most popular.
  10. It Floats!

    Here are a few pictures from yesterday. We took the Mako out with the junk spare 468 with the blower and injector hat strapped to it. Can't wait to get the good long block together! :D
  11. It Floats!!!!!!

    Got out to Elsinore this morning. Put the boat in and found 1 small water leak. Shaft log water dump from the v-drive. Forgot to plug it for the shake down run. My bad, nothing a ball point pen couldn't fix for a quick ride. Broke my direct drive alternator coupler and found a small gas leak at...