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  1. Edelbrock Nitrous Systems Flow Test Tool

    Parts for Sale
    Description: The Edelbrock Flow Test Tool is designed to measure the “flowing fuel pressure” of a nitrous system toensure that you have adequate fuel pressure when your nitrous system is operating. This tool uses the same jets as yournitrous system and eliminates the hassle of having to convert...
  2. Eng. Parts Wtd BBC Imco power flow 90 or 30 degree risers

    Parts for Sale
    Hunting for some 30 or 90 degree imco water cooled risers for powerflow plus manifolds the risers need to fit the attached manifolds please pm
  3. Magna Flow fuel pump

    Parts for Sale
    I have a Magna Flow pump and regulator with sending unit and gauge for sale. $300 OBO Jonathan 951-538-2115
  4. an size vs flow

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Where is Bob when you need him? You guys... someone has this chart next to them now... I need to know flow in gpm of a -10 vs a -12 at 5 psi nominal pressure.... (don't worry about bends, turns, distance, etc... both will be similar for my purpose) I used to have some little machinists bible...
  5. Imco Power Flow exhast

    Parts for Sale
    Imco Power Flow exhast *PRICE DROP* One set of Big Block Chevy Imco powerflows for sale. Decent shape, but could use a quick once over polish. No leaks, they come with risers and tails, as seen in the pics. $980 obo shipped to the lower 48!!!!:))THumbsUp Adam 925-360-6711, call or...
  6. 2 - NOS Super Hi Flow bottle valves for 10 lb nitrous bottle

    Parts for Sale
    $75 a piece takes them. The come with the 1/2 inner diameter dip tube, a pressure gauge and blowoff fitting. Located in San Diego. Shipping not included
  7. Water flow issues

    I have been having an issue since last years Delta Lettuce run with the engine running hot on one side. I checked hoses and seemed to have flow but still a hot engine at times. I decided to check all hoses by removal and look for obstructions not just flow. Lookie what I found:
  8. Engine heavy flow

    Parts for Sale
    I'm looking for a Berkley bell housing that's fits a big block chevy (454) I thinks the pump has a olds bell housing on it now. thanks jerry
  9. 990 flow numbers

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Local guy flowed my heads to see what i have, their history was a little murky on what all was done when i got them. I'm going to an aluminum, by the time he could make these better i would be into them way too much. Are these numbers legit to a close to factory port or did some one jack them...
  10. 990 heads flow numbers?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Picked up a set of used 990 heads as mine were destroyed. They have been worked over pretty well. 2.35/1.94 stainless valves, fully ported/polished, heads shaved to 113cc combustion chambers. All work was fresh with zero miles on the heads. I've pretty much already decided on the isky 280 mega...
  11. Manga flow pump?

    Ok I found the rebuild kit for my v755 hall craft pump, it costs $225.00, the magna flow pump at rex marine is $305.00 I believe , so now I'm wondering if I should just get the magna flow pump? My motor is not really high performance, I probly don't need the magna flow pump but it's almost the...
  12. IMCO power flow exhaust bbc

    Parts for Sale
    I have a pair of IMCO power flow manifolds with risers. They were in my Placecraft mini day. They have no cracks or damage and are ready to go. Jason 253-261-9399. 850.00$ obo
  13. [SOLD] NOS Hi Flow valves for sale

    Parts for Sale
    Nitrous NOS Hi Flow valves for sale $35 bucks each plus shipping. Dip tubes for 10 lb bottles I have six of these available. Thanks
  14. Hydro Flow Water Craft

    West Coast - South
    Anyone ever hear of them? I couldnt find much info except out of San Diego and went out of business in 89.
  15. power and cam limits Imco power flow?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    My jet came with the imco power flows on a 502bbc and I'm looking to upgrade cam and heads and was wondering how much cam I can run with these without inversion problems? No mufflers, exiting under swim step. Thanks Jason.
  16. magna flow water pump

    Parts for Sale
    I have a magna flow 3/4 water pump that was set up for a pulley but I talked to glenwood marine and you can buy a shaft kit for 95.00 to make it cam driven again these pumps cost 450.00 new they say so I thought 200.00 obo plus the ride would be a good buy pm or call 269-327-6411
  17. High flow fuel switching valve

    Jet Boats
    Does anyone know where to get a high flow tank switching valve? Something that will work with #8 or #10 hose. Live in New Mexico not much in the way of specality parts here. thanks for any help
  18. [SOLD] Nib trick flow 460 ford intake

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    SELLING THIS FOR A BUDDY. TFS-54400111 Intended for 500-plus inch, high-rpm engines, the Trick Flow® R-Series A460 Intake Manifolds for A460 Cylinder Heads provide significant horsepower and torque increases. These single plane intake manifolds feature a one-piece, spider-type design with...
  19. Head Flow - Boost- Dynamic Comression

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Head Flow - Boost- Dynamic Compression I've been thinking about this for a while and I didnt want to cloud up EdonShanno's blown 588 thread. Its winter, I'm bored, so here we go. For this discusion lets leave compressor efficiency & intake temps out of the equasion for the time being. Lets use...
  20. flow coating

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I am going to flow coat the bilge area of my boat today wondering if there's a trick or method to this without it pooling at the bottom of the vee ?