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  1. Just found out I'm a FOG

    Jet Boats
    I'm devastated about finding out I have been considered a F'in Old Guy. When it comes to asking for help and questions about the EFI stuff. One FOG holding his head up high. :thumb:
  2. Since When does Havasu Have Fog

    PB Open Water
    I woke up to fog this morning. I thought I was back in cali. I ask some neighbors about it and they said that fog is very rare here.
  3. Fog Lights from 2004 Silverado

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I've got at pair of fog lights from my 2004 Chevy Silverado sitting in my garage gathering dust. Only the fog light units are being offered, no brackets, no wiring, no switches. The truck only had a couple of hundred miles on it when I removed them to put the SS front end facia on it. If yours...