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  1. I had new flatty follow my truck home yesterday

    I found a flat that wanted to come to my shop yesterday. I was just looking for parts for my 71 Sanger restoration I’m doing when I came into contact with a guy selling this flat. I know it’s a 1969 Barracuda it has the hull tag and I got the title but I don’t know much about this manufacturer...
  2. How Many of You Follow:

    PB Open Water
    QUESTION: I am very curious as to how many PB'ers follow OFFSHORE racing in any form? OSS, SBI, OPA, POPRA, UIM or other racing entity. All you need to do is post up and say YES or NO! If anything it will increase your post count:D. __________________ Sub-Category: If you like you can...
  3. Follow the money !!!

    Political Rhetoric
    This is a very interesting website. I havent had time to figure it all out. I did notice there is a bunch of unknown Indian tribes giving millions?? This website site should fuel much PRF debate :D Follow the money........check it out. Click: Major Donors top 10,000. and Industry Influence. You...
  4. Temecula Shooting Follow-Up

    PB Open Water
    I believed something didn't sound right on this one - but apparently not. There is also an OC article: Costa Mesa officer won't be charged for 2008 shooting in Temecula Download story podcast 10:00 PM PST on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 By TAMMY J. McCOY The Press-Enterprise PDF...
  5. NJBA Nationals - Follow Up

    Well, our 2008 Season has concluded. This was a transition year for the NJBA. Big changes and improvements with a tremendous effort by many individuals. Some of our changes included new Lights, a modern computer timing system, remote time slip printer, improved FM sound system, Road sign...
  6. Follow the blue ball

    PB Open Water
    Give it a minute to load, someone spent a bunch of time on this one!