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  1. Pics of Fords

    Looking for pictures of 460s mounted in flatties if anyone can share???
  2. Why Fords are queer... or 400M the bastard of the ford family

    GN7 On the Dyno
    400M... I'm building one for a street / mud bronco guy. Not anything real cool. Basic stuff, nice camshaft, etc. Well, only huge dish pistons are available. They had 8:1 compression in the day. So, I get the kit, measure dish, head, figure cr... well, 9:1 with piston .010 in the hole.... only...
  3. Fast Fords Racing this weekend Aug 5-6

    Yes, at Newport Wash. or Old Town Idaho (across the bridge) our Nostie Outlaws converge on their second race of 2011. Fords? Three I know of all under 400 cubes will be pulling 29-45 gears on a small 3/4 mile oval in the Pend Orielle River!!!!! And NO chevrolet I know of has beaten them this...
  4. for anyone who may know fords

    I have a 77 spectra 20 with a pump on the back ( i wish it was a prop)but anyway. 460 ford stock rebuilt by harmin marine about 5 years ago. not much use since. i have been scratchin every piece of my but trying to get the limping out of it and i did it all backwards. 1st bought new carb . other...
  5. What mounts do the 3 point Fords use?

    Jet Boats
    I thought I had the right mounts for Dad's Sleekcraft, until I tried them in the boat.... Is there a mount that will fit better, or do I have to fire up the welder?
  6. 6.0 fords suck a$$

    West Coast - South
    so yesterday my father and mother were heading to tucson with a load of 150 bales of alfalfa hay for my sisters rodeo horse pulling this was the 6.0 ford diesel my mother has and i get a phone call at 4:00 pm asking me to load my dads 1992 7.3 liter ford diesel with 185,204 miles on a trailer...
  7. small block fords?

    Jet Boats
    Any one running one? If so where can you get over the transon headers for them?
  8. Calling All Fords

    West Coast - South
    CALLING ALL FORDS ! Jets , V-Drives , Old school , New school , Whatever , If its your pride & joy POST UP ! THE BADDER , THE BETTER !