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  1. Forgot I had this... Discuss :D

  2. pics of scoop someone wanted but i forgot who so here it is for all to see!!!!

    Parts for Sale
    Here are a couple pics someone asked about but i forgot who wanted them so here they are. there is a small hairline crack on one side of the scoop. Easily repaired while prepping for paint. So now price is only $125 shreveport, louisiana 3186879088 3184701482
  3. Forgot to put in plug. Feeling stupid and alone. Help!!!

    Jet Boats
    Whats up good people. Last weekend I got my JetBoat back finally after a topend rebuild and some other stuff I had done to her.... Well, after backing it down the ramp and launching it, it became clear very quick and in a hurry that I had forgotten to stick the plug into the back of my...
  4. ****** CRAP, forgot the parking brake :(

    PB Open Water
    Man this sucks. well kinda... :D NOT mine..... bro saw it in Georgia today
  5. ALICE IN CHAINS ( I forgot how good these guy's were ! )

    PB Open Water
    OR... too, too much beer in college.... Either way I've rediscovered them and they shall be jammed on the boat plenty this summer... Man, i cant wait to get some sun !!! -R32
  6. Forgot to tell the wife...

    PB Open Water
    ya gotta lean a little :D