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  1. Jet Boats
    I have tried a few things but i still am having issues with my forward reverse lever. I hit a few waves or bumps and it creeps it way back to closing the bucket.. Has anyone had this issue and found a fix for it. I tried tightening up the bushings with electrical tape on the help...
  2. Jet Boats
    Where is a good place to order a forward/reverse control cable? Mine broke last weekend It looks like mine is about 14 ft long in my 18' Kona...
  3. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a used morse style forward reverse lever. Condition is not really important as I will be chopping it up to add my own top on it.
  4. Parts for Sale
    Forward reverse lever from rex. Anodized blue. Has detents for forward and reverse. Neutral has been machined out. Originally set up for racing so that you could put the lever in reverse and it would hold while on the rope with the reverse nozzle blocked off. Off my 21' daytona. Looks brand new...
  5. Jet Boats
    Can someone tell me the proper way to set-up the handle travel in relationship to nozzle movement? I am going to have to buy a new clevis (at the nozzle end of the cable) because the flapper isnt traveling all of the way up out of the nozzle opening (I would say about 3/8th" into the opening)...
1-5 of 5 Results