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    King of Props - Smokin' the Sound / OSS Biloxi (Offshore Super Series) - HAVitTV I couldn't reach Magnum for Episode 2 of King of Props; but here is an episode that we created for Fox National Sports a couple years ago.
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    My son has outgrown these, they are in great shape. Black glove Fox Dirtpaw KXXS-3 Red Gloves Fox Dirtpaw KXSM-4 Pants Fox 180 Jersey Fox Flexair YS Boots Oneal 2 $70 takes all. Thanks
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    FORMULA 2 (SST 120) and FORMULA 3 (SST 60) TUNNEL BOAT RACES IN ELGIN, IL APR Superleague & McGrath Motorsports present Powerboat Racing on the Fox River! When: June 18 and 19, 2011 - Father's Day Weekend McGrath Marketing has arranged a black-tie event (the “black-tie” is optional) which...
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    On Now. Shep Smith said they're:" like a Bat outta Heck" LEOS are trying the pit manuever at high speeds Fox news
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    I just watch and programmed my STB to record the whole series.. I think its awesome !!
  6. PB Open Water I'm glad to see these kinds of fine wardrobe items are still available.....
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    Just checked the TV listings. The show airs at 3PM Monday on Fox Sports Net. Anybody up for going to Mad Dogs in Havasu for viewing. I'm going to be there and by coincidence that is when happy hour starts! Tell your friends and hope to see you all there.
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    Olivia Wilde to be specific.. Absolutly fuggin spun overhere.... Great mental material..!!! ** Wish I could be a fly on the wall for that session that will no doubnt happen if it hasn't already. They should do us all a favor a do a payper view threesome and have ms California pop in for once...
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    Don't know how many caught Rescue Me but Michael J Fox was on there and looked really bad. At first I thought he was acting drunk or weird, but I soon figured out that his disease is taking over. What a bummer
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    Did anyone see John Dorton, CEO of Mastercrat on Fox business news today?...Amazing! I feel he hit the nail on the head for all boat mfgs. He went on to say that our govenrment and the poor look down on people who own boats, that its a pure luxury. But what most don't realize is that when his...
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    This is rediculous....
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  14. PB Open Water
    hear the corrospondent Shepherd Smith accidently say the word Nobama?
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    On Fox News now Live feed, no one hurt Pilot ejects:
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    This was my High school car. I love this car. Must sell.... LONG ROD 429! 1969 429-460 block 3.590 stroke 429 steel crank 6.768 440 dodge rod. ARP rod bolts (Machined to fit).160 longer than stock 429 (beamed and shot pined) Speed pro rod and main bearings (STD.) TRW/speed pro 13.2:1 pistons...
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    Hmmm, I wonder what Don Imus is thinking, maybe tar & feather time for ole JJ?
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    Looks like they were in the channel talking to boaters and breakers.