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  1. Any jet guys interested in a free 73 KONA

    Jet Boats
    I am a v drive guy but in my travels I obtained a 1973 KONA Makia. It is a fixer upper but the hull appears sound needs stringers and bulks . It has brand new upholstery in it weird hu.. it’s free to the first person that brings a trailer to get it I’m keeping the trailer it’s on. 503 five...
  2. [SOLD] Plywood Seat Shells, FREE!!

    Parts for Sale
    I've got a couple seat shells I got from a buddy that I used as patterns for what I put in the Cole. Seats are 18" wide and 16" tall. They're free to a good home (cheap to a bad one :rolleyes:) but you gotta figure out how to pick them up in Pleasanton CA. I could likely bring them to the...
  3. [Announcment] Sacramento river racing revival may 26-28 ====== free to all

    Everyone is invited to join us on the docks in Old Sacramento Saturday May 26-May 28 for some boating fun. FREE TO ALL. This is a gathering of performance boaters getting together to see how we can work together on a future event over Labor Day weekend and work to bring racing back to...
  4. [Announcment] Sacramento river racing revival may 26-28 ====== free to all

    Races and Boating Events
    We have changed the SRRR Memorial Day Weekend event to a free gathering. Join us at the docks in Old Sac to talk performance boating, meet new friends, hook up for some runs and join in a meeting on the barge in front of Embassy Suites to talk about how we can work together to bring performance...
  5. Free t-shirts tomorrow

    Political Rhetoric
  6. Free (Craigslist find)

    Boats for Sale
    free I'm sure someone wants the trailer..
  7. Anyone interested .

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Anyone interested ..... going .. going .......GONE. I am getting ready to weed out my collection of Hot Boat & Powerboat magazines dating back to the late or early 80's and when i start pulling these mags out of the closet tomorrow i will have a better idea of all the years that...
  8. Free Lifeline Jacket for October!! $500 Value!

    PB Open Water
    Free Lifeline Jacket for October!! $500.00 Value!Sign up in the month of October for a future HPC (High Performance Course) or UPC Ultimate Performance Course, and receive a free Lifeline Life jacket. Our calendar is going up for next year, if you don't see a location you would like, give us a...
  9. New AN -8 fittings FREE SHIPPING

    Parts for Sale
    5 x 90* hose ends. $65 6 x 45* hose ends. $90 6 x straight female swivel couplers. $30 8 x straight hose ends. $50 All are AN -8 [email protected] or (949)248-0083 ALL ARE SOLD. THANKS PEFORMANCE BOATS.
  10. Free Event LB Marine Stadium August 22

    Races and Boating Events
    When was the last time there was a free (no admission charge to the public) special event at Long Beach Marine Stadium? Hard to remember, but there will be on Saturday, August 22. If you want see a full day (8am to 6pm) of water ski/wakeboard/kneeboard/hydrofoil and assorted other wild...
  11. Free trailer brake drums in Livermore.

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Upgraded my trailer to disks. I've got 2 usable brake drums I hate to throw away. They measure 10 inch. PM or reply to thread if you want them.
  12. What's the cost of Obamacare and Illegals free mecical, you ask?

    Political Rhetoric
    Obamacare, coupled with manditory care for illegal immigrants has a cost that can't be ignored. It's already happened here, in Phoenix, at John C. Lincoln North Mountain where the entire labor and delivery floor where my wife worked for thirty years was closed. You can't pay your bills when the...
  13. Free Southwind 18' hull or complete boat

    Boats for Sale
    Hull has rotten transom. I will be parting the motor and trailer and would love the hull to go to someone who will use it. You must have your own trailer for the hull. Or pick up the whole thing as a running project for $900 including trailer . I have a new boat coming sunday and will have no...
  14. FREE wheels, 8 lug- 11" wide

    PB Open Water
    I ran across 4 white spoke, 8 lug wheels that are 11" wide. FREE, but the kicker is they're for 16.5 tires. They're headed to the scrap yard even though they look pretty nice with the narrow red and blue pinstrips around the outer diameter... I'm told the 16.5 tires are about obsolete, but I...
  15. FREE BBC stuff Act Fast!

    Parts for Sale
    I have a bunch of BBC iron heads that will be going to scrap, peanut port, and medium oval (359 casting). Way too many 3/8" connecting rods. One steel Gen 5/6 crank that needs the thrust fixed, looks like it's been nitrited. Maybe other stuff in the next few days, but plan to have a scrap guy...
  16. Free BBC rods

    Parts for Sale
    I have way more BBC stock 3/8" rods than I can ever use, would gladly give some to board members free if they want to pick up in Glendora, CA. I also have a smaller number of 7/16 bolt rods, $100 per set. Moving to Parker in the next few weeks if someone up there wants a set, won't really...
  17. Obama Wants to Make Community College Free for ‘Those Willing to Work for It’

    Political Rhetoric
    Looks like our taxes will be going up again. Obama Wants to Make Community College Free for ‘Those Willing to Work for It’ | KTLA Free education “for those willing to work for it.” That’s what President Obama said he would like to see in an announcement the White House posted to Facebook...
  18. [SOLD] 2 Material Racks - FREE

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I have 2 identical material racks giving away. They aren't fancy but hold a lot of weight. You can place them end to end to hold 20 foot bars or independently to hold shorter lengths. PM me if interested. They will go to scrap yard in a couple days now.
  19. Free 1960's 16 ft flatbottom with Merc outboard

    Boats for Sale
    A buddy thought I might be interested in this and had me come look at it at a house he's working at.. .. the boat I'd say is an early 1960's hull with a mid 60's early 70's Merc outboard.. the last time the boat was used was in 2005. was running at the time but sitting the past 9-10 yrs.. the...
  20. The Liberal Free Utopia is killing America

    Political Rhetoric
    Home of the free, the brave, and those no working pieces of shit on welfare. :no: