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  1. To our non FB friends here is our new ride

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Here s our new ride..... really looking forward to getting it out on the water and hang with our DLB family. We were sad we missed the Shasta Cat Attack but worth it to get this new boat! See you on the water soon :D
  2. Tunnels & Friends Regatta Beach party June 9-10th 2017 Lake Havasu AZ

    Races and Boating Events
    Go to Tunnels & Friends Group page for additional info.
  3. Happy New year my friends ...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Hope to see you all on the water soon ! Drive careful !!
  4. A very Merry Christmas from your friends at the Church...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Looking forward to another great boating year!!
  5. 2005 150 XR6 for sale MHB members and friends.

    Michigan Hot Boats
    *yoink* :gas:
  6. A Song to Irritate Our Liberal Friends

    Political Rhetoric
    And I use the term "friend" loosely. Happy New Year! :partyguy:
  7. Hey DLB friends, anyone want niner tix?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    If anyone is looking, I have 4 seats available for the Thanksgiving game vs. Seattle. Section 205, row 5, seats 9-12 at Levi's Stadium. Entire row is only 9 seats so you have half of it which is nice. Looking for $700 for the set and also have a parking pass if needed. Also, have 2 tickets...
  8. Looking for boating friends in the Tacoma area

    West Coast - North
    Looking to find some more people to go out on the water since the weather is nice now! Im usually out at Alder lake above eatonville. Huge lake and great view of the mountain. Ill be out there this weekend if anyone wants to join
  9. My friends car

    PB Open Water
    Just thought I'd show off my buddies car......he just acquired it from his dad after he passed and after a lengthy ( I wanna sell it ) battle with his sister......he has always talked about it...and I never saw it. It was at his dads house a few hours away. To tell you the truth....I never...
  10. Kerry Has No Friends

    Political Rhetoric
    Probably the only thing Reid has said lately that has any truth to it!!! Book: Harry Reid Claims John Kerry Has No Friends
  11. Friends Sanger got here today

    Few months ago a buddy was looking for a Sanger ski hydro so I put up a thread in the boats section. Many thanks to "Dread Pirate of Humbolt" who posted a link to a craigs list ad, anyway to make a long story short, my buddy bought it. The only flaws are the upholstery to the bucket seats, other...
  12. New to the NorCal boat scene and looking for new friends!!!

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :))THumbsUp
  13. Gun Guys / Friends in Phoenix/Scottsdale...

    PB Open Water
    Anyone here have experience with this manufacturer of AR15 parts??? Joseph P Sirochman American Spirit Arms 16001 N Greenway Hayden Loop Suite BScottsdale AZ 85260
  14. How to lose Highschool "Friends" on Facebook 101.

    Political Rhetoric
    Friend says: "I support obamacare.lets all care for eachother. Jus Sayin." You say: "Shhh don't tell anyone. It's 10 years of taxes and 700+ billion raiding of Medicare funds for 6 years of benefits. In addition it was passed with a false projection that's been revised three times since It's...
  15. Romney Making Friends in London

    Political Rhetoric
    Romney Criticizes Olympic Preparation While Visiting London | Neon Tommy What an idiot
  16. Any DLB friends want to buy my truck?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Thought I'd tell my "family" up north that I am selling my truck in case anyone is looking or knows anyone looking. I think most of you have seen it in person and Terry has driven it, but if you want a closer look...
  17. CFW HUD and friends signting

    found some guys goofing off at CFW the other weekend:)hand
  18. [For Sale] Super custom Rhino, won't find one like it in your friend's garage

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    2005 Yamaha Rhino and everything on it is custom. Billet 6" LT kit, 2" aluminum cage, 686 Kit with Dual Carb and 9.5 to 1 high compression piston, runs on 91 gas, KMS header (all motor work done at KMS), bead lock wheels with maxxis tires, stereo, ipod adapter with Rockford amp, 10" sub and...
  19. Anybody Play "Words With Friends"?

    PB Open Water
    I can't believe it won't accept these two very common words. Anybody else encountered this kind of thing? On the other hand, it gave "taint" its seal of approval...
  20. thanks to crew and friends

    what a great weekend, thanks ross and crew for everything you do, I want to thank my crew, dave rankin, john avery, tom heckman, larry hicks, tom buckles, jeff buckles, mike gudvangen jimmy vandyke, paul higgins and the newtons, and my personal boat launcher liz. all my great friends that come...