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  1. BOTE
    Just remembering, it was usually in March = fun times with good people. Last time for me was 2011
  2. BOTE
    Any thoughts on this, yes, no, maybe. Talked with a few and some thought yes. Would like to hear input, thinking usual location.
  3. BOTE
    OK, let's see if we can get a head count started. Are you coming to the Frosty tentatively or for sure? Will you be participating in the "Battle of the beers" (BOB) as a taster? Will you be bringing a sampling of beers? There will be a prize for the person with the best sampling as judged...
  4. BOTE
    where are the most resolute revealing videos from the last one? NOYFB
  5. BOTE
    Here's a few dates to ponder over for the Frosty Ball. Let me know what you think. I'm open to any of them so far. Feb 21 Feb 28 Mar 7
  6. BOTE
    Where and when? What do you all think?
  7. BOTE
    Nap Borderline gay Spooning How much? Spinny spin Famous Daves Boating What other words or phrases?
  8. East Coast - North
    Do we have everyone over here yet? We are in the proccess of making arrangments at the Crystal Inn for Feb. 2/3, once we have the deal in hand everyone can make reservations. Jetmech is making reservations at one of the resturants in town, so we are going to need a head count, let us know by PM...
1-8 of 8 Results