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  1. Mike Fry RIP

    For those who have not heard Mike Fry was tragically killed at a drag boat race in Texas Sunday. I'd met Mike a couple times is all seems like a genuinely nice guy. Condolences to his family including his brother Jeff who I know is on this forum.
  2. Mike Fry Crash ?

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    RIP (Moderators please remove thread if inappropriate , I started it to find out what happened , only to hear later he Passed Away )
  3. I hope they all fry

    Political Rhetoric
    IRS' Lois Lerner gave confidential Tea Party tax info to FEC, violating law | I hope they fry her and all the rest of them unless they all step up and say O gave the orders. We already know that she and the other IRS head who resigned had well over 100 personal visits...
  4. Fry let one fly.

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    Nice pass man. Were you trying to qualify for Pro Outlaw? there's no need... it's a first round looser class. Just FYI :) A .15 R/T won't cut it with those Pro Mod guys. LOL
  5. BOBBY FRY has been located !!!

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    He's been hanging out on FACEBOOK ... miss ya bob ...come back
  6. SAM " rock daddy " FRY FUNERAL date.

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    to all of my dads friends and dragboat people, your all invited to attend the life of a former racer and great man on october 11 2008. please call me and rsvp. thank you bob fry 714 615-0644
  7. saying goodbye to sam rock daddy fry

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    with great sadness sam fry lost his battle with cancer today at the young age of 62 , my dad was the reason I got in to boat racing, Iam at a lost for words sorry.