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  1. [Question] Fuel tanks

    I have a set of Imco tanks with the pickup on the top of the tank for my Sanger. They are the 8.5" x 60" side tanks. My question is, has anyone ever welded in bungs for fittings on the bottom of the ends for the fuel lines? I think one of my tanks has a broken pick up tube and only get half the...
  2. [SOLD] Aluminum GN rear fuel tank.

    Parts for Sale
    I bought this nice aluminum fuel tank a couple of years ago from Dave Sammons but never used it. After installing it in my shallow side board GN (El Cid) hull it was just too tall and didn't look right. So it's up for sale. Measurements are 22" tall 35" wide and 18" front to back. According to...
  3. [SOLD] fuel tank, pump mount, and other parts

    Parts for Sale
    Brand new RCD quick change mechanical fuel pump drive for bbc jesel belt drive system- Never used- cost $500- will take $375 New Wilson Nitrous Pro Flow plate system with dominator size mount with the safety burst panels for up to 350 hp- Never used- Cost $850 at summit-$495 in...
  4. Fuel filler holes

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have these huge ugly fuel fills that I'd like to get rid of. Question is, how do I glass the area back in so that it don't look like ass after a couple trips to the lake. I've seen a bunch of dash repairs over the years that look like hell. I'd like to reglass and either install smaller...
  5. IMCO Fuel Cap

    PB Open Water
    In search of a IMCO fuel cap (new or used) and/or the size and thread of neck. Thank You
  6. jacuzzi pump/ss fuel tank/alum scoop

    Parts for Sale
    pump worked well when pulled w/ intake $150 nice lil ss fuel cell or puke tank $50 alum scoop hilborn looking style $100 95one 870-69ten text is best
  7. Braided fuel lines

    Need a new braided fuel line made up. I have the earl an female fittings, need 18 inch line replaced. Where do people get these made near rancho Cordova calif, near Sacramento. I used to go to a shop off 50 and sunrise, can not remember the shop name.
  8. [Question] Fuel

    I am having a problem with fuel being pulled out of one tank more then the other. I have a Sanger with 2 10 gallon tanks. I have equal length fuel lines to the center of the back of the hull to a tee, then single line to mech. fuel pump. Last time out it sucked one tank dry and the other still...
  9. [SOLD] DIRT CHEAP Fuel and ignition EFI Management Systems + Spares F.A.S.T.

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD This is dirt cheap ! Nearly all of it brand new. EFI/Ignition Bundle F.A.S.T. XFI 2.0 Fuel and XIM Ignition Systems + Spares Only requires a download to be the latest 2.05 version. XFI box was my race spare. New dual injector driver motherboard installed from F.A.S.T. Has datalogging...
  10. Aftermarket fuel injection

    Looking for some ideas on fuel injection, there are a ton of products out there. What products are the best performing, easiest to install, least expensive, any issue with programming. Anything you would recommend for the below 500 hp build. The engine is a 351w stroked to 408, 11-1 compression...
  11. WTB Imco fuel

    Parts for Sale
    TB Imco fuel valve with return
  12. WTB 2-2.5 gal fuel tank and brackets

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a 2-2.5 gal fuel tank for a hydro. six 1 nine 843 seven 7 four eight.
  13. fuel water separator micron question?

    ok sorry to bring this up again but i have a marpac filter #7-0860 and a sierra #18-7845 , the marpac is a 10 micron fuel/water separator but it does not say the flow rate,,,the sierra is a 90 gph/ 21 micron high efficiency filter for all carbureted engines, im not sure which one is better to...
  14. Looking for a 2.5 Gallon bullet fuel tank

    Boats for Sale
    Looking for a 2.5 gallon fuel tank, what is out there?
  15. Quick Fuel 1050

    Parts for Sale
    this is a new M 4710 quick fuel black coated 1050 ,Used 10 mins, about a gallon of fuel thru it real nice set up too small for my needs, Has external linkage 900.00 +shipping lists at 1300.00 Barrels 4 Billet Color Black Booster Annular Brand Quick Fuel CFM 1050 Choke None...
  16. Fuel tanks.

    Parts for Sale
    48” 8.5” stainless tanks with brackets $750.00, plus shipping, no dents.
  17. [SOLD] Kinsler mechanical fuel pump drive for bbc with jesel belt

    Parts for Sale
    Kinsler fuel pump drive for a bbc with jesel belt drive. Cost $175 few years ago. $100 in shreveport, louisiana 318-687-9088 or 318-470-1482
  18. BG fuel Regulator 6 port

    Parts for Sale
    BG fuel Regulator 6 port regulator comes with an fittings on it, in excellent condition only used for 24 passes on our drag motor , asking $85 + shipping located in Lake Havasu Az
  19. blue flush mount fuel fill

    Parts for Sale
    2 inch vented flush mounted fuel fill brand new never used 50 shipped
  20. Quick Fuel 1050 Dominator

    Parts for Sale
    Quick Fuel 1050 Dominator Excellent condition $750 Located in Massachusetts Please call or text Jack at 978-400-6235