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  1. Boats for Sale
    Looking for a 2.5 gallon fuel tank, what is out there?
  2. Parts for Sale
    8 gallon IMCO big sump "T" tank powdercoated silver vein. Great condition. 3/4 NPT outlet and three 3/8 NPT returns. Tank part number 06-8014 mounts 06-9071. Tank dimensions 10" diameter 24" wide 22" tall top of vent to bottom of sump. $350 Free Shipping. New Port Richey, Fl. Call or text 918...
  3. Parts for Sale
    2 imco tanks with senders, never had fuel in them, 1 right & 1 left. 32" long, 11" wide at top, 6" wide at bottom, 9" tall. $100 for the pair. located in boulder city (vegas) Nevada. Ed @ 714-371-3832.
  4. Parts for Sale
    Has foam to prevent fuel slosh. The good foam that doesn't dissolve or crumble. Also has the mounting brackets. $50 plus the ride
  5. Parts for Sale
    Two 11 gallon stainless steel fuel tanks by good ol' Russell Equipment Co. Bare. They look clean inside, a few dings outside but no major dents, you clean off the old tape residue and polish and they ought to look pretty good. 8.5" diameter x 46.0" long. 4 mounting brackets are included...
  6. Parts for Sale
    6 inch diameter, 2 gallon fuel tank that fits in the left side gunnel of a Hydro! Puts weight where it should be. $175.00 plus shipping! Located in New Mexico 505-228-8221 Jeff
  7. Parts for Sale
    Approximately 3 gallon Moon tank with ice tube and Mounts in pretty good shape. A couple minor dings and scratches and one mounting foot is cut off. $200.00. 505-228-8221 Jeff
  8. Parts for Sale
    I've used this tank for circle racing for several years and has worked well especially if you're trying to achieve a center of gravity type setup. No fuel slosh here. I am upgrading to a dual stacked tank since the boat will become a dual purpose boat. All the mounting brackets come with it...
  9. Parts for Sale
    Looking for 10 gallon tank with brackets preferably somewhere in the south shipping to get expensive from anywhere else could purchase outright or be willing to trade also looking for a chute bag 9 inches x 9 inches. 404 476 1169 not sure why pictures are upside down.
  10. Parts for Sale
    I bought this from Mouzer a couple years ago just had it polished it is not perfect but looks good $250 plus shipping from Michigan-mounts are 22 inches total length is about 26 and about 7 or 7 1/2 diameter
  11. Parts for Sale
    Removed from 1989 Bahner $275.00
  12. Parts for Sale
    Here is the 37 gallon fuel cell out of my GN boat, I now have a 51 gallon tank.... The smaller one is now for sale. Polished aluminum, and ceramic coated so no more polishing. it is baffled, has a sump and fuel return shelf. What you see in the pics, you get. 34" L x 16" T x 15" W $500.00...
  13. Parts for Sale
    For sale: 24.5 gallon fuel tank with tray mount and straps it has two baffles and a breather and the following bungs 6- 3/8 npt on top 1-3/4 npt and 2- 3-4 npt bungs on the sides for retuning to side tanks if needed, and 1- 3/4 bung on the bottom to feed the pump, just install and go, not big...
  14. Parts for Sale
    Imco 6-gallon tank-SOLD Imco 6 gallon tank with brackets. 3/8" bottom drain. 8 out 10 clean. Deets 707 934-7389. $140 I ship. 30" long 9" diameter
  15. Parts for Sale
    5 Gallon alumn. T-Tank with brackets, breather, and cap. $345.00 Michael (916) 203-8495 or [email protected] ***having trouble uploading photos .. . . . . Can email upon request***
  16. Parts for Sale
    ((((((((((((((((((SOLD))))))))))))))))))))))))have a Matched pair of IMCO Saddle tanks that are Stainless 11 gallons each im gonna be removing from my Kurtis.. these are in great shape and come with Mounting brackets and all.. I picked up a custom made T-Tank today (thanks David519) so not...
  17. Parts for Sale
    Wtb 4-5 gallon dry sump tank. Let me know thanks
  18. Parts for Sale
    I parted out a Sleekcraft Ambassador over the summer, and have the fuel tanks from her still taking up space. They are the original 40 gallon wedge shaped side tanks, pretty clean, but do have some carpet glue on them still. If someone has a TIG they could be cut down and made into 2 sets of...
  19. Parts for Sale
    IMCO 11 gallon stainless steel tank, with two rubber mounts. Has 3 bungs on top next to the gas cap and has a small drop down cone with a -12 dump, and a -8 dump at a 45 degree angle right above it. in good shape, polished finish not perfect. no dents. 29"long x 10.5"diameter asking...
  20. Parts for Sale
    Stainless 4 Gallon Russell ice tank in great shape no dents 300$ Let me know Andy 562-879-6387
1-20 of 65 Results