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  1. [SOLD] Tom Peterson tail pipes for gentry turbo housings

    Parts for Sale
    pipes are in like new condition. 3 in inlet and tapers to 5 inch outlet. $550- In shreveport, louisiana 318-470-1482 built by tom peterson in lake havasu
  2. Gary Teague exhaust pipes for gentry turbine housings !!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    these pipes fit the 3 inch outlet gentry type turbine housings. 3 inch to 6 inch tapered. in shreveport, louisiana $550 318-470-1482
  3. very nice set of gary teague exhaust pipes

    Parts for Sale
    I used these on gentry turbine housings on twin turbo bbc. In excellent shape. They start off as 3 inch and taper to 5 inch. Super nice . in shreveport, la. They cost me $1100 few yrs ago. Asking $600 . 318-687-9088 or 318-470-1482
  4. Gary kincaid in havasu...legit or not?

    PB Open Water
    Would you recommend him for work on your boat? I seem to be having a hard time getting him to pick my boat up!!
  5. Gary James Funeral

    Gary James funeral tomorrow in Pryor OK If you have ever attended the boat race in Choteau Gary always prepped the entire race site, cooked the meat for Tommy's racer feed etc. Please pay your respects if possible.
  6. Jon Stewart interviews Gary Johnson

    Political Rhetoric
    Gary sure comes off as a real person, a real sharp hard working self-made American, and would be a great President for we the people. See video of interview: Gary Johnson - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 06/05/12 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
  7. Gary Johnson for President

    Political Rhetoric
    This guy is like a breath of fresh air ....... Msnbc Tv: Gary Johnson: The Libertarian leading man? - Bing Videos
  8. Gary Coe & Team Eliminator

    Jet Boats
    I was talking with Don LaFranchi the other day and he mentioned that he did a bunch of work on the Team Eliminator boat and Gary Coe. Don was instrumental in building my sons boat back in the 70's & 80's and I would love to find some information and maybe somebody might have pictures or storys...
  9. Looking to contact Gary Oberman

    If you know how to get a hold of him or can help him contact me please help. Thank you. :))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp
  10. "gary" lowriver

    Gray Water Storage
    MONDAY or TUESDAY at 08:45 you are more than free to meet me. My motorcycle will be parked right in front.... Your ex motor new B.S. guys know the addy.. If that doesnt work, Then you call it OH PS I HAVE TO SAY THIS CUS YOU DONT GET IT... THIS IS NOT A CALLOUT TO FIGHT, JUST MEET AFTER 7...
  11. Anyone Know of a Gary Wilson from socal?

    His shop was Gary Wilson racing about 10 years back, he worked for Mike Kuhl for awhile.
  12. Gary Johnson for President

    Political Rhetoric
    Finally a Republican / Libertarian kind of guy I'm going to be paying attention to. He was a successful two term New Mexico Governor. He seems to be a sensible guy on many issues. Best of all he is not another lame-ass hack or clown the Republicans seem so drawn to. Nor is he a looney Tea bagger...
  13. Gary Taylor Update

    PB Open Water
    So Blane and I attended the sentencing hearing today. The court room was packed. Gary received the maximum term for what he plead to. 22 years. It was to say the least a very gut wrenching and emotional afternoon. I'm sure it will eventually be on the news. A truly sad day for many people that...
  14. Complete Assy: BBC Gary Williams Carbs, NOS, Manifold, Pumps, Scoop

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  15. Gary Taylor Update

    Gray Water Storage
    Just read on the Ventura County website that Gary plead guilty to some of the charges.
  16. Any Gary taylor news?

    PB Open Water
    If I recall correctly his next court date was set for 2/25. Anyone know what happened?
  17. Gary Taylor TPI hood scoops ?

    PB Open Water
    Not trying to start crap. I need one of those TPI hood scoops that Gary sold. Does anyone else sell them or do you know who made them? Thanks
  18. what happened to gary T ???

    Gray Water Storage
    Bail'd out??
  19. Gary's Auto,marine, And Rv

    PB Open Water
    They Are Liquidating Everything Out Of The Shop As Well As The Property. Saturday Jan 17th 2009
  20. Gary Taylor / TPI update

    Gray Water Storage
    Court date today (preliminary hearing) was postponed until this Thursday at 1:30. No charges were read today and no plea was entered, although George and I both did see Gary, Gary's mother and a few other folks that were obviously there in support of what/whom I believe the prosecutor to be.