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  1. Cross Channel Gates

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Are the cross channel gates in Walnut Grove open? Have a friend wanting to go up to Sacramento for the weekend.
  2. What size waste gates should be run on a T4 PFM system??

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hello, On a 460 Ford with twin 10" Ray-jays, what size waste gate is correct. I have a line on a couple of Tial 38mm. Are these good enough or do I need the 45 mm units? Also, where do you guys buy your exhaust log gaskets and the T4 gaskets? Thanks for the help. Jack
  3. wates gates on an old PFM TT 460 set up ???????????????

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hello all. Still working on the Hallet. Getting closer to getting it to run but having trouble controlling the boost. Anything over 10pounds and it detonates. The current way of boost control is the springs in the intercooler runners. I have yet to find anybody who can explain how this system...
  4. Robert Gates Book

    Political Rhetoric
    Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War. Guess Gates didn't exactly agree with this administration. Also thought Biden was an idiot. Wonder how long it'll be before the administration comes out with some made up dirt on him. Robert Gates, former defense secretary, offers harsh critique of...
  5. Richard Lee Waste gates

    I have a problem with my lee waste gates getting stuck closed in turn making way to much boost. Has anyone had this same problem? is there a fix ? i have had them apart many times, everything seams to be working fine. thanks for any help !
  6. gates polychain blower belt 11m-1595-84ps

    Parts for Sale
    I got this blower belt handed to me from Brandon Bernstein. A good friend of the family was a major sponsor. It was used to warm up the engine in the pits then taken off. ( I dont know why but they seemed to do this every time) It shows in perfect condition and should be in useable condition. It...
  7. Gates POLY CHAIN Blower Belts

    Parts for Sale
    RCD Gates POLY CHAIN GT 8MM 1600 KEVLAR BLOWER BELTS These are used belts but are virtually like brand new... Came off a top fuel car after 1 pass each. CORRECTION: Belt is 63.5 inches long and 200 tooth count $300.00 for all 4 of them or $85.00 each + the ride...
  8. WHo remembers Henry Gates Jr???? "Faces Of America"

    Political Rhetoric
    "Faces of America" Who remembers the racist guy from the Ivy League school out east that cried race when he was arrested by the Cambridge Mass. Police??? Which resulted in a BEER SUMMIT with Oblaimo... THis racist is the LAST GUY that I want representing the voice of America... I’m going to...
  9. Killer one of a kind security gates

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I bought these for a project and went a different direction. They were only up for about a year with no openers. Just strapped open or closed. They are VERY heavy and have great detail. 8'wide by 9'tall. I paid $10k a set for them install. Im selling them for $6000 a set or $11000...
  10. Stats for Obama's supporters on his handling of the Gates incident.

    Political Rhetoric And look who is blind supporters are and their numbers. :)sphss
  11. rod iron gates needed in havasu

    PB Open Water
    who's the go to boat guy for rod iron gates in havasu?