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  1. Jet Boats
    It's been pretty boring in here so I figured I lead in. Turbo ****
  2. Gray Water Storage
    Its be gay!
  3. PB Open Water
    We went in last night, and found no babes (except with other women), and lots of guys who were pretty obviously looking for or had guys. Are they alternative on Friday nights? Used to be a pretty cool place, but we didn't even order, just left....
  4. Michigan Hot Boats
    where is that airport where I can purchase AVGAS???? westland? or garden city?
  5. PB Open Water
    I stumbled across this and thought it was a funny read. I appreciate that Prius' are good cars that get great mileage, but they are kinda gay. Here is a thread from a Prius forum about the "reputation" their cars have. I thought it was amusing. Prius is getting a bad reputation - PriusChat...
  6. V-Drives
    I have decided to announce my love for Maxi , he is such a dream stud
  7. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Michelob Ultra's new Pomegranate Rasberry beer is fockin pretty tasty!
  8. PB Open Water
    $70 Million in revenue for CA. So it is not all about lifestyle after all.
  9. PB Open Water
    SAN FRANCISCO - In a monumental victory for the gay rights movement, the California Supreme Court overturned a voter-approved ban on gay marriage Thursday in a ruling that would allow same-sex couples in the nation's biggest state to tie the knot. Domestic partnerships are not a good enough...
  10. PB Open Water
    Someone told me he was gay. Did he come out of the closet? He bangs?
1-10 of 19 Results