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  1. Loretta Lynch to be the next U.S. Attorney General---- First Back Female

    Political Rhetoric
    I just love this quote: So being from a real slave family (unlike Obama) adds to her qualifications? :)sphss Obama picks NY prosecutor Lynch to be next attorney general Oh, how comforting. Another Eric Holder but female. So I guess we can expect the same incompetent corrupt leadership out...
  2. Want Add For New Attorney General

    Political Rhetoric
    This was written by Robert Knight at OneNewsNow.con Thew are the qualifications Obama is surely looking for. "Wanted: Nominee for U.S. attorney general. Must have thick skin in case Congress finds in contempt; adept at using redacted version of Constitution regarding separation of powers...
  3. General outdrive question

    What would be the recommended drive for a 21'-22' cruiser with 1,000ish hp and good torque? Ideally keeping good reliability through those hard acceleration times.
  4. So Att General Holder..........

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems as though our Att General Holder thinks ex cons should be able to vote "AG Holder notes that 5.8 million people have lost the right to vote because of felony convictions. One of his biggest issues is the number of African-Americans that this law infringes upon." the sheep...
  5. 1978 Ranger by general Marine?

    I just bought this boat and cannot find anything out about it or the company. Does anyone know anything about it or experiences with them? It needs a lot of love but is in sound condition, and i feel i got a good deal on it. I was finally able to upload a picture.
  6. Obummer thinks she is the best looking attorney general

    Political Rhetoric
    Not sure the POTUS should be making comments like this. Obama Calls Californian Kamala Harris ‘Best Looking’ Attorney General - ABC News
  7. General Grabber Red Letter or Dick Cepek

    Tow Vehicles
    Any one have any exerience with the Genneral Grabber (red or black) tire? Do they hold up and last on a F350 truck? My other thought is a Dick Cepek F-CII... how do they do? I have a 1 year old set of BFG AT tires that are already starting to show dry rott signs and I want them off my truck...
  8. General Motors Corp. R.I.P 12/15/2011

    Political Rhetoric
    I haven't read anything posted on this but just thought what a sad turn of events. 103 years, 650 million shares and 1700 dealerships quashed. Where did the money go? Unions took a nice chunk but there is alot more missing. 60 million of its cars and trucks are still on the road. G.M. was...
  9. Some questions on jet boats in general...

    Jet Boats
    Hey All! Brand new to this site and I just had some questions about jet boats...I'm 19 years old and my family is getting rid of our 1992 Ultra boat, which has me kind of bummed. I've been around that boat since I was 2 years old :( ...I figure I've got a nice job so why not buy a boat. I plan...
  10. Barbara Boxer to General : Please Call Me 'Senator'

    PB Open Water
    THIS just show you the utter disdain these people have for our military people and even more so the fact he probably came from the south as well.. Such are respectful and appropriate replys. ** THE USA is not simply Los Angeles or NYC .... -Rick32 ------------------ Barbara Boxer: Please...
  11. General Contractor Opinion Needed.

    PB Open Water
    Having 2 sliders replaced. Contractor did the install today. Came home to the hack job below in the pics. They installed the new slider frame/track over the existing aluminum frame thats fastened to the walls. I assumed they removed the entire aluminum frame?? Maybe not? Then there is a gap...
  12. Making the pictures of caskets arriving home available to the general public

    Political Rhetoric Another blow and a show of how little class your president has. I could see these pictures being used in a disrespecful way. Brian WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is reversing an 18-year ban on news coverage of...
  13. General Lee NF-01 New Nostalgia Flattie

    I will join the ranks of the Nostalgia Flatbottoms in 09 on the West Coast with my 73 Sanger Bubbledeck. It has a 511 Chevy BBC and is painted in the theme of the General Lee (Dukes of Hazzard). My number is NF-01, the boat is named Agent Orange. I would appreciate any info & support. I am also...
  14. I bet this sort of message isnt leaked out to the general public

    Political Rhetoric
    You can bet that mainstream media will do their best to keep this news under wraps. They dont want to let this sort of news about Barry Sorrento out: "Vice President Dick Cheney is calling President-elect Barack Obama's national security lineup "a pretty good team."
  15. General Motors - OUCH........

    PB Open Water
    NEW YORK (AFP) – General Motors shares plunged more than 30 percent Monday after an analyst forecast their price would fall to zero, saying that even if there is a government bailout of the auto giant, shareholders would not benefit. "We are lowering our target on GM equity to zero dollars,"...
  16. Dukes of Hazard/Aqua General Lee

    This is a uniqe yet cool Sanger!
  17. Opinions on Cam selection and general motor upgrade

    GN7 On the Dyno
    So I'm kicking around the idea of doing some motor work this winter. Either a valve job with a cam upgrade or a full rebuild. Here's what I have. 1981 Eliminator V-drive cruiser. Engine is a Harman Marine 405hp 454 that has never had the heads off to my knowledge. It has rectangle port heads...
  18. commercial general liability

    PB Open Water
    do we have any board members that work in this area....looking for a quote asap
  19. General Maintenance Question

    PB Open Water
    Hello everyone! I have a 496Mag/Bravo X in my ultra. I was wondering how often you guys replace the impeller. I have heard some guys say that they do it every year, and others say that they replace it every two years. Also, I have not looked into it yet but is this something that I can do...
  20. General loc tite questions

    Hi all, I know loc tite is a good thing but there are different types. I've seen blue and red. I think red is stronger than blue. Are there more types? Why not use red every time?? Are there any pieces of hardware that don't get loc tited?? Thanks in advance. I'll just read and learn...