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  1. Glen Beck 100 million dollar man

    Political Rhetoric
    Wow! This nut-job is making some serious bank !!! Scary that there are so many dimwits who listen to his propaganda and buy his advertiser's wares. Beck is more proof that Corporate Fascist conservative bullshit sells. Romney and the Mormon Church have a top propaganda minister with convert Beck...
  2. Cedar Glen lot for sale

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Small lot in Cedar Glen, San Bernardino County, roughly 2900 sq.ft., APN#0330-104-24-0-000, want it gone, make offer or trade. (661) 805-2251
  3. Glen Beck Visits Israel

    Political Rhetoric
    Looks like the Jews and the Mormons are pals now. Only fanatic propaganda can come from this relationship. America cannot afford to support Israel anymore. They must be hoping Beckerheads will send them money. Maybe Beck will convert to Judaism? Religious fanatism is sure getting old nowdays...
  4. Glen Beck........."Acorn". Now PST Fox News

    Political Rhetoric
    Thought This may be interesting .......
  5. Glen Hellen!!!

    PB Open Water
    Is anyone going on Saturday?
  6. Glen Beck

    Political Rhetoric
    Did anyone listen to Glen on the radio this morning? He quoted a couple of Dem congressmen strategizing that the Obama tax cut for the 95% of us will not pay the bills for this Federal Government expansion and that out of security for the upcoming 2010 election cycle that they should allow them...
  7. COOL all wood GLEN-L cracker on ebay

  8. Glen-L Bandido Build

    (hidden) Offshore Tech
    As a disclaimer I do not live near the ocean, but it is an offshore design. Not much is in the section and some may find this interesting, so why not. I am building a Glen-L Bandido. I bought the plans, summer of 2006, I started building in...
  9. Neck Car at the Glen Today

    PB Open Water
    I have to say as a road racer this is one of my favorite races. I'd love to see Boris Said kick some ass today. :)devil I bet Stewart and Kyle Bush are gonna be good today as well. Go Boris!!!:)devil
  10. 1956 Glen-l Missile V-drive

    Boats for Sale
    16' missile have been restoring over past 5 years, glass over wood, has all new mahogany dash and vintage white face guages. New oak stringers, powder coated motor plates(sbc), halibrand v-drive 1:1 ratio, red "stingray" metal flake and white upholstery, rechromed cav plate hardware. boat needs...