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  1. God Bless America!

    Political Rhetoric excuse me while im muricing this 4th of july have a great 4th to you and yours!
  2. May God Bless

    Even in our hardests times, the lord blesses. That is probably no consolation Doug, but your determination, spirit, and just being a damn good guy has inspired a bunch of us. Sorry for your loss. RIP Maybe it was out of place to post this here, if so I am sorry. Doug lost his wife so still pay...
  3. God has spoken

    Political Rhetoric
    and this is what he said:
  4. God ..............i miss Summer , and all the beauty it provides .

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Come on Summer because I can almost bet that all of you out there are getting very tired of the cold . So post up your beauties .
  5. So God Made a Liberal

    Political Rhetoric
  6. Mother Nature wasn't enough - now algore wants to be GOD!

    Political Rhetoric
    First, he thinks he invented the Internet hil:) hil:) hil:) then, he believes taxing the productive will cool off our planet hil:) hil:) hil:) NOW, he wants to just simply be God. Gore: Reduce African Women’s Fertility to Limit Global Warming | Heartlander Magazine
  7. Sign from God?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Well, you all know I was trying to decide WTF to do wth engines. My shop burned to the ground tonight. Great fucking week. Had to kill my dog Monday... this is Friday. Wags
  8. God Bless our fighting men and women...

    PB Open Water
    THE KID HAS GONE TO THE COLORS THE Kid has gone to the Colors And we don't know what to say; The Kid we have loved and cuddled Stepped out for the Flag to-day. We thought him a child, a baby With never a care at all, But his country called him man-size And the Kid has heard the call...
  9. "So God made a liberal...."

    Political Rhetoric
    Pulled this from over yonder, it is just about perfect... So God Made A Liberal... - YouTube
  10. Thank God for Michelle Bachmann....

    Political Rhetoric
    Thank you God.... We need MORE Michelle Bachmanns........
  11. God Bless America!

    Political Rhetoric
    And may God bless all of you...
  12. God Bless this man

    Political Rhetoric
    Dear President Obama, My name is Harold Estes, approaching 95 on December 13 of this year. People meeting me for the first time don't believe my age because I remain wrinkle free and pretty much mentally alert. I enlisted in the U. S . Navy in 1934 and served proudly...
  13. God Bless Gambling.

    PB Open Water
    Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson has donated 10M to defeat zero and other dem's.:))THumbsUp Go Get Em!!
  14. God Bless!!

    Political Rhetoric
    V.P. Cheney!! In his first interview since his Heart Transplant. Obama has been an Unmitigated Disaster.:yes: That's What I'm Talking About!! Honesty and Talk The Talk!!:))THumbsUp
  15. Speedboat Racer "On a Mission From God"

    Rumors that Speedboat Racer had sank into deep depression following the second season of the fledgling internet star's "Speedboat Racer" video series were brought to rest last Saturday night when Speed himself was spotted on stage at a fund raiser for close friend Mark Dunham. There was much to...
  16. God foreclosed on???

    Political Rhetoric
    You know things are really bad when even god is losing his houses to the banks ! Banks foreclosing on churches in record numbers | Reuters
  17. Looking to god?? Why??

    Political Rhetoric
    LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A hospital official says an Indiana toddler found in a field after Friday's violent tornadoes has died. Fourteen-month-old Angel Babcock of New Pekin (PEEK'-in), Ind., was found after her family's mobile home was destroyed in the storms that ravaged the Midwest and South. She...
  18. Scoop, retainers and god forbid a prop

    Parts for Sale
    Trying to gather up machine shop money. I"ll pay shiping Scoop $ 150 OBO Manual place diverter control, floor mount $100 OBO SOLD C pump hand hole cover $20 ( orange ) E pump hand hole cover $20 Rope seal retainer Berk $20 Bearring retainer and seal $ $20 SOLD 21 pitch aluminum prop...
  19. Jerry Sandusky and God

    Political Rhetoric
    Been reading the other thread posted about God and football, there's a lot of interesting comments. It got me thinking if Sandusky is guilty of these alleged crimes and is sent to prison and if he finds and accepts God in to his life will he also be standing next to all of the Christians in...
  20. So God is into football?

    Political Rhetoric
    Unbelievable how so many people think!! God doesn't want to end disease, strife, and pestilence but he has time to help throw a football ??? :cuckoo: