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  1. Buying A Boat--Place To Learn About Good/Bad Brands?

    PB Open Water
    1st Time Buyer--Please Recommend Boats Hey guys, I'm in the market to buy a boat, and with so many different manufacturers it is giving me a slight headache. Does anybody know of a place on the internet where you can compare and research different boat manufacturers? I mean, I'm not 100%...
  2. 1994 merc 200 xri good?bad?

    looking at a sweet placecraft, has a 1994 merc 200 xri, any good, bad things I should know about this motor. As this will be my first outboard motor. Owner is honest and says runs great and no problems.
  3. Commander 24' Signature - Good/Bad

    PB Open Water
    Hello, Thank you for your help with my Lightning Boat question. That deal went to someone else, co I have continued hunting. I'm going to look at a Commander 24' Signature boat, with a mid cuddy/open bow, 496HO and a Bravo One X drive. I tried to get a hold of Commander to ask questions...
  4. 23' Lightning - Good/Bad Opinions Please

    PB Open Water
    Hello, I’m new to the board, but have been spending most of my nights perusing through the forums. I need a little help, I’m looking at moving up from my 80’s Nordic 21’ open bow to a newer boat. I was told the Lightning Boats were made by Ultra, but have not confirmed. I searched the forums...
  5. Ford V 10 Good-Bad ?

    Tow Vehicles
    My Father's Super Duty Diesel was stolen last weekend. Looking at replacement options for him. He wants a full size 3/4 ton,4x4, four door truck. Maybe an 05 or newer F 250, V 10. Leveling lift with 33"-35" tires for a Havasu runner.? What do you think ?
  6. Good/Bad News - Gas Prices

    PB Open Water
    So CNN says premium will hit $4.00 today, regular soon after. Saw diesel at $4.50 at my local stop. By Memorial Day, everything should be mid $4. to $5. The good news; my lake should be nearly empty by summer