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  1. Goodbye California

    Out of California, now in the great state of Idaho!
  2. Goodbye to a dear friend

    To all of you in the boating community it is sad to say the lord has recieved another great friend. our friend Rick aka EVILFORCE died do to natural causes. Friend or not he loved boating and all who was involved. I do not have a lot of information at this time but it has been requested to allow...
  3. Goodbye Europe, Welcome Radical Islam

    Political Rhetoric
    Religion of peace my ass. Anyone have a doubt they won't try the same here? All Obama needs is a dirty bomb to declare Martial Law. Lord knows he has set us up for it with a porous southern border. Makes me absolutely furious. I feel so sorry for the real Europeans. This is what happens when...
  4. Obama says goodbye to White House press secretary

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama says goodbye to White House press secretary WASHINGTON (AP) — White House press secretary Jay Carney became the news instead of just delivering it Friday, when President Barack Obama unexpectedly interrupted the daily media briefing to announce Carney's resignation after three and a half...
  5. A DLB Goodbye to Windmill cove 9/22/13

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Sorry for the double post, forgot how to spell for a minute... Who's up for saying thanks to Windmill Cove for many years of great fun on Sunday? Deltarat Hullshot
  6. Goodbye to my river ratzzz on the col. River

    Jet Boats
    just wanted to give a shout out to all my river brothers that I have meet up with on the river and the PB--SOCALJETBOATS.... you all are stand up dudes.. It is time for me to head back to my home waters in Indiana and make a living there it has been really hard for me in all kinds of ways...
  7. Goodbye mom, your ride awaits.

    PB Open Water
    A lot of you have been following the Biese Project that I have been working on over the last few months. Bought the boat back in December. Just before Christmas. Mom (my wifes mother) always feels like we...
  8. Goodbye America

    Political Rhetoric
    Why you ask, just look in open water. America is sinking faster that a rock, and our fellow boaters want to talk about if there is going to be a football season, buying a BBQ, boat cleaning supplies, T-shirts, etc. etc. while the world around them is collapsing. As a matter of fact if we mention...
  9. Goodbye!!!!!

    Gray Water Storage
    Nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah hey hey hey ... GOODBYE BOATLESS!!!
  10. Say goodbye to your guns people....

    Political Rhetoric was posted on RDP.
  11. Goodbye Chicks Hello Dick's

    PB Open Water
    Sporting Goods that is. Chicks sporting goods is closing out. Dicks sporting goods on the way in replacing them. You can't make this stuff up.
  12. saying goodbye to sam rock daddy fry

    Jet Boats
    with great sadness sam fry lost his battle with cancer today at the young age of 62 , my dad was the reason I got in to boat racing, Iam at a lost for words sorry.
  13. Goodbye AMC 304, Hello Big Block Chevy

    Jet Boats
    Brand New Wiring Saturday, New Fuel Lines and Regulator Today. Took it out tonight cause the water was soooooooooo flat. Decided to fire up my GPS on my Phone. Here's what I got. 30 MPH @ 3500 RPM's 45 MPH @ 4500 RPM's And thats all she's got in her so, Its time to build a BBC. Now...
  14. Say Goodbye To Money$ucker

    Jet Boats
    Yes its true,, for all those that don't know cy is getting MARRIED tomorrow ... so today is his last day.. bye bye SUCKER c ya tomorrow at the wedding.... BIG D :)hand:)hand:)hand:)hand