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  1. Ron Woodruff, Gordon Jennings

    PB Open Water
    I have a 1974 Campbell. The Campbell boat registry says it was bought by a Woodruff. Is Ron woodruff still around. My campbell has odd/race parts we may think it was an early racer. I would like ask Ron Woodruff a few question if he is still around. I know woodruff owned a few K boats n...
  2. Robby Gordon Stadium Super Trucks

    Off the Water
    SST truck in San Diego May 5 Saturday.|err
  3. Need Pictures of RB and Gordon Padgett ASAP

    I've been elected to put together a picture DVD of Bob Morgan, Ron Braaskma and Gordon Padgett for the Hot Boat Reunion. I have pictures of Morgan (Thanks Dave Sammons) but need some of RB and Padgett. If you have some nice shots please forward them to me [email protected] ASAP. I need to try and...
  4. Jeff Gordon fires pit crew

    PB Open Water
    Jeff Gordon fires entire pit crew This announcement followed Gordon's decision to take advantage of President Obama's scheme to employ inter-city youngsters and also take advantage of some Tax credits for Mr. Hendricks. The decision to hire them was brought about by a recent documentary on...
  5. Robbie Gordon Baja Testing:

    PB Open Water
    Robbie drives a race just like he tests; WOT: Sleeper CP Big Inch Ford Lover :D

    Jet Boats
    Dustin Gordon and Brent La Praim locked up the 11:00 second Stock Eliminator title in the Columbia Drag Boat Association at Phoenix this weekend with their first qualifying pass. Dustin and Brent went to the semi-finals in their first trip to Phoenix. We here at American Turbine are pretty proud...