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  1. [SOLD] Brand new governor smith and wesson revolver

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    6 shot revolver model #162410 .410, 45 acp, 45 colt . $600 318-687-9088 or 318-470-1482
  2. CA Governor Brown

    Political Rhetoric
    Sadly it looks like we are going to get stuck with him again. Polls showing he is leading by HUGE margins. :(
  3. California boaters should read this and send letter to Governor Brown

    PB Open Water
    SCMA has requested our help in sending a letter to Governor Brown regarding the use of our waterways in California. Please check the link for a base letter format. Letter to Governor Brown | Southern California Marine Association
  4. Governor Brewer Vs. zero!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Jan Brewer got in his face today when he arrived at the Airport in Az. zero got offended and walked away in the middle of her sentence.He finds it difficult when is confronted.:))THumbsUphil:)
  5. Is Governor Perry making a run????

    Political Rhetoric
    Sources seem pretty good that Rick Perry will be headed into this next presidential race. Rick Perry | 2012 Presidential Run | Former Gingrich Aides | The Daily Caller
  6. Az governor gets" Birther Bill" and trash cans it.

    Political Rhetoric
    Even Az Gov. Brewer sees the birth issue as too dumb to put her signature on! Vetoed! If Brewer will not go with it, I do not think any other Govs will either. Looks like Trump is all the Birthers got left.
  7. I just heard Palin quit as governor

    Political Rhetoric
    To get ready to run for president? Little early:)hand
  8. The former Governor from the great state of North Carolina...

    Political Rhetoric
    ...not getting much national attention...but expect him behind bars in the near future.
  9. Whitman for CA Governor!

    Political Rhetoric
    I just watched an interview with her and really like what I heard. She voted Yes on 8, she says LA and SF are in direct violation of Fed law in regards to the illegals, she wants tougher border control, she's for less taxes and smarter gov spending. She's got my vote already! Here's a link to...
  10. Governor Schwarzenegger Announces Plan

    Political Rhetoric
    Nice to see Arnold is being pro-active..... To remedy California's urgent budget situation due to economic conditions radically deteriorating since the 2008 Budget Act was signed, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today called a special session of the legislature and announced an action plan to...