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  1. Havre De Grace > Sandbar

    Not sure where the thread went but... What I started the thread about and what was mentioned...a local to me boater that has a summer place down there and hangs at Loyd's Cove told me, the waterway was dredged and the sand was dumped onto the 'flats' making an Island where a lot of people now...
  2. Havre de Grace 14

    Anyone interested in visiting the flats this summer?:)devil
  3. Nancy Grace!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Well I will give it to her as she is NOT disrespectful to some people,she is disrespectful,hate full and a miserable person,to everyone.I saw a clip when she was interviewing another neighborhood volunteer person in the gated community in Florida and where the shooting happened. I did some...
  4. Nancy Grace, "Farting with the stars!"

    PB Open Water
    Everyone is saying its true, she cut more than "the rug" 'Dancing with the Stars' -- The Nancy Grace Fart Mystery |
  5. Bullhead Bully to grace NorCal....

    Yes Folks...The Bully is coming to the Delta for a one day show on April 12th. He will be driving a 300xs tunnel through 200 miles of the the Delta starting at Wimpy's and heading south at an obscene pace down the south Moke. Bully says, "I want to rip the Delta a new one" Bully plans a to hug...