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  1. Grease or Oil

    I have a single axle( I'll keep it clean ) I shoot & pack always a mess ok.Now for the oil massage how long will it last I don't want 10 get 1 free card at massage parlor.I know about the axle. Your thoughts.Thanks!!!
  2. Need a grease gun

    GN7 On the Dyno
  3. bowl bushings, gearlube, grease or water lube?

    Jet Boats
    Freshening up my bowl bushings after 4yrs and ive been using gear lube since i installed them and have used gear lube on all the pumps ive done for myself. im thinking about switch to red and tacky for the bowl as well. does it wear more? I was told to water lube them but ive never tried it...
  4. berkeley bowl oil or grease?

    Jet Boats
    OK so heres the deal wanna get some opinions about the lube for a Berkeley jet drive 80-90 weight or pump her with grease????? I just bought two tubes of lucas marine grease it was a toss up between that and the mobil 1 synthetic so id like to know what everyone likes
  5. what grease to use

    Jet Boats
    what kind of grease do you use for these? the steering shaft and im guessing this is the nipple for the pump shaft
  6. How do I grease this zirk .....

    GN7 On the Dyno
    There's not enough room for the grease gun end to fit .... is there a special tip for a grease gun?
  7. Best Grease

    I'm getting ready to put my new rudder in the boat. Got tired of everyone telling me that every rudder like it has crashed. So, what does everyone use for grease? Which one is the best against leaks? Same goes for that shaft log.
  8. Calgo Steering grease

    Jet Boats
    whats everyone using need to re grease or lube a set up and was wondering what u peeps are doing and using
  9. How to grease calgo steering cables ,tips?

    Greg Shoemaker
    Hi Greg, what is the best grease and the easiest way to lube calgo steering cables? I did it once and it took quite a bit of time and effort. I'm getting ready to do a little maintenance, just looking to see if there is an easier way. Thanks for your help.
  10. How much grease...

    Jet Boats
    Man, I have been searching for hours for this answer. You would think such a common question would be well documented somewhere on the Internet. :)sphss How do you know if the front bearing has enough grease in a Jacuzzi YJ pump?
  11. Seal or Grease?

    A fine spray of water coming out of the stuffing box. More noticeable at lower RPM. Been lax on greasing it. Also a question on J-drains, do they seal tight when parked? Thanks
  12. Berk grease zerk

    Jet Boats
    Near where the driveline hooks into the pump from the engine there is a grease fitting. What grease needs to go in this fitting and how much? Just don't want to wreck my pump. Thanks Eric
  13. Trailer Bearing Grease

    Jet Boats
    I'm currently rebuilding my trailer and I'm installing all new wheel bearings. What is the best "Marine" wheel bearing grease that I should be using? Thanks Jay
  14. Cable grease fittings

    Anyone know where I can obtain a pair of these? TIA