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  1. Great old nostalgia !!

    I towed our (Mike King and Lynn Youngs) barn find 1966 Hallett "Ski Boat" to Wade's New Years "who-rah" (a great time) and was thrilled to park next to Harlan Orrin's beautiful old "Mandella". During the day I had several "chat sessions" with Harlan, including "show and tell" with each-other's...
  2. [For Sale] Great GMC work truck

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    Up for sale is my gmc work truck, it has a ton of new parts on it, everything works on it, no fluid leaks, body is straight, paint just looks like shit, it's a 96 1500, 5.7 with automatic transmission. 191xxx on the clock, Drive it anywhere, call or text me for more pics and info. 4000 obo, in...
  3. Great weekend in Long Beach !!!

    A great weekend of boat racing in Long Beach, thanks to Ross and his crew !!! A couple hundred "hoops" to jump through to make it happen but Ross did it - Thank You very much, Ross !!! "Rattle Can Lou" (the Vin Scully of boat racing) and "Speed Racer" were super on the PA system giving full...
  4. JOCKO’s Moving Sale (great stuff!!)

    Parts for Sale
    More misc. parts for sale. Most prices are + shipping. Please post interest on this thread AND send me a PM. Thanks! Jocko 1) Billet aluminum 3-position water valve with anodized blue bracket......................$80.00 2) Freshly polished billet angle gauge bezels. 5 ea. 2-1/8” and 2 ea...
  5. Under 23' 1953 Mandella. This is in great shape.

    Boats for Sale
    Selling a 1953 Mandella with Rebuilt 390 Cadillac (about 3 hours on it) and Glenwood V-Drive. We are original owners. The boat and trailer are in Excellent Condition. We have all documentation. Anyone having any questions please let me know. Additional photos can be seen at Bobshot. Bob Adams...
  6. Moore's Riverboat = great food

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    I've been traveling between Concord/Lodi for work a few times lately and stopped at Moore's Riverboat for lunch 3 times now. The food and service has been wonderful. They open at 11am every day of the week now. Just thought some of you may want this info(not about my work schedule).
  7. 79 Tarva blown BBC great boat $ 18,000

    Boats for Sale
    This is a great boat, I have had it for three years. Blown 496 Chevy Tall deck, 871 Monneyhan Blower, rebuild last by the blower shop, tall deck TBS intake with pop off, Holy 850 Dbls ,IMCO exhaust, Merlin II Rect Heads, Manley Inconel Valves, Stud Block, Comp cam (Hydr roller), SRP blower...
  8. Great Burley Regatta Race

    :yes:The Burley Regatta was a huge success! Thank you Kristy Dilworth Smith and her committee. It's a great start for many non APBA races to come. Racers were pleased to get $500.00 tow money. The races went off without a hitch and they were fast moving because of the new format. I talked to...
  9. Great afternoon on Lake Butler Chain of Lakes.

    PB Open Water
    Picture of Orlando Eye is from Lake TIbet , Baja and Lake Shot Bird Island Lake Butler, Clear water was coming on to Lake Butler Bird Island is clear also. Moon shot was 2am this morning .
  10. Great Chrome and Polishing Shop

    PB Open Water
    I am posting this for a local (SoCal) Powder Coating and Chrome shop, I have no connection here other that he does a great job and I would love to see him thrive. Kings Powder Coating - Polishing & Chrome in Placentia CA does a great job, I have had Trailer Fenders completely re-done, I had...
  11. Great shot of my Parker nemesis ...

    Outboard Church
    The big 1350 HP Mercury twin turbo.... I'm in his class now. This won't be easy. Enter the "New Canoe" .... I am sworn to secrecy, so I can't elaborate. :secret: Please note that this fine shot was taken by our good buddy and boating friend, Roger That photography. Can he catch the shot, or...
  12. Great day at the river at the SO CAL meet

    Jet Boats
    Boat ran great no problems got it dialed in Hauling the mail. played with the shoes and shims and adjust the ride plate by the time i was done i was seeing speeds down river 116 pretty happy about that. and at 4500 rpm my speed is right at 70 miles an hour. I think thats pretty good for a heavy...
  13. Great Day for a Boat Show

    PB Open Water
    Good Day for a Boat Show08/16/2015 0 Comments Well it was another weekend with thunderstorms hit and miss so we decided to head over to the Central Florida Boat Show this afternoon and check out all that’s new. There were plenty of boat vendors displaying their newest and best and we saw lots...
  14. Just great

    PB Open Water
    Three Million Gallons of Contaminated Water Turns River Orange in Colorado - ABC News
  15. Great site for lightning

    PB Open Water
    I just discovered a great site for watching lightning on a map. It's called Blitzortung(I have no clue why...) Anyway, you can watch the whole world, select for different continents, zero in on N. America or a few states have their own map. The NA version is going crazy right now along the...
  16. Great day at the Glenn

    PB Open Water
    Great day at the GLenn07/15/2015 0 Comments Whoo hoo we are getting our boating in now! This past Saturday we enjoyed a trip up to Silver Glenn Springs with the BMC boat club. We’ve enjoyed this trip several times but for many in the BMC club it was their first visit. This is not a trip to...
  17. Lost a great man...

    Pete Kimbell passed away this morning.. He loved his family, friends and boat! Pete fought his disease like no other and he did not let it get him down. After I bought his boat he would call me at least monthly to check in on his baby. I would tell him it was still his I was only baby sitting it...
  18. What great news!!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Now their going to open the borders to thousands of Syrian Muzzy refugees. This is pathetic .........
  19. How about our great leader surrendering in Yemen?

    Political Rhetoric
    Looks like our great Leader has given orders for our Marines to surrender their rifles to the Yemenis rebels just before getting on an airplane after they abandoned our Embassy. Way to go O man. One more retreat. I'm so proud to be an American now, just like our First Lady is...:)st
  20. Another great loss

    Bob Follet Passed on January 2 due to complications of a surgery, He loved boats ,racing and all the rest of life like the rest of us. Bob, AKA Q-BAll, Bobby Rough was a Master Craftsman boat builder and served as the Glass foreman thru entire 70's and early 80's for Dimarco boats and built C...