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  1. Hey Greg Shirley....

    .... clear out your inbox, it's full. Just sayin :thumb:
  2. Greg: operating temperature and water pressure questions.

    Greg Shoemaker
    Greg, first, this is the 2007 gullwing that had the bow opened up with the white interior and motor cover. Thanks for your help and information. Questions: 1. The operating temperature is around 100 as per the temp gauge. I have read that it should be up around 140 to 160. Do you recommend...
  3. Greg , just checking ?

    Greg Shoemaker
    did you get pics I sent you ? 1984 19' Liberator setup ??
  4. 21' 89 ultra custom by greg

    Greg Shoemaker
    I just bought my first boat! An 89 ultra custom built by none other then Greg shoemaker! My wife and I are so stoked. It's been in the family from day 1. I don't want to do much to the boat, all I want is to shoot a big roost :). What would you recommend doing? Thanks
  5. Thanks greg shirley

  6. Greg???

    Greg Shoemaker
    it was seeing and talkin to ya at Phoenix it has been a long time since we came to a boat race, 91 was our last time running fuel, i think we got the bog again well at least my mom does trying to get her to set up another team!!
  7. Greg Foster ??

    So I know my buddy (buddy used very loosely) Greg was going to run the 300. Greg just won't give up that he's an old timer & needs to buy an "On Golden Pond" style boat. With that said. I heard there were no crashes or blow overs. Shocking when Gregs involved. So where did he finish? Your...
  8. Greg

    Greg Shoemaker
  9. Greg, another 460 question

    Greg Shoemaker
    Hi, thanks for all the info over the phone the other day regarding my Kodiak 460 going into my Alaska work skiff. Since its a new to me engine that I haven't run and its the off season and I have the engine on the stand, I'm going to take it apart to check wear/clearances. While I'm at it, I'm...
  10. Greg High ?????

    WFL Crew
    Anybody know Greg High, where he is or what he`s doing now? I was told that he lives in Arkansas. I`ve got a boat that he built and the guy who ordered it had it made with the Ugliest color combination i`ve ever seen. Notice that Ugly has a capital U? Its a lime sherbert green and maroon color...
  11. Greg heres something from the ol'days

    Greg Shoemaker
  12. Greg Smith Memorial NJBA May 21-22nd

    Jet Boats
    NJBA will be honoring Greg Smith a member of the NJBA rescue team. Greg will be greatly missed, so please come race, participate and spectate. Come see why we are the best club in the nation!
  13. hey Greg

    Greg Shoemaker
    Dose my boat have that "miss" when I rev it up a bit or are you having problems hearing due to water in your ears?:)hand
  14. Question for Greg

    Greg Shoemaker
    Hey Greg, I have a 1991 Carrera Eclipse 20.5. What can you tell me about the hull design?? I have a 496 chevy in it (approx 580 horse) berk JG with an "A" stage 1 blueprint with a stuffer (CP Performance) Thanks for any input!! Mike
  15. Hey Greg TX19

    Greg Shoemaker
    Have any Idea who owns the TX19 narrow cockpit molds now??
  16. Hey Greg...21 Daytona Engine location ?

    Greg Shoemaker
    If you can skim throught my thread, I appreciate your input. >thanks.<
  17. greg, tapered/flat/or backcut on high hp gullwing?

    Greg Shoemaker
    greg, i've been runnin the tapered shoe on my wing and i get the cavitation burn starting right behind the shoe on the ride plate. of course you may remember all the issues i've had with this boat trying to maintain intake pressure over 100mph. could this be contributing to my issue, it wouldn't...
  18. Hey Greg and Mike D

    Greg Shoemaker
    Thanks for helping out, thats very cool of you guys. Seriously, Thanks!
  19. Greg - Ride Plate Question

    Greg Shoemaker
    Who initially came up with the idea of the ride plate and what was the logic behind it. I've asked several people that have been in jets for a long time and have gotten a 'variety' of answers ... just curious about your recollections as you've been at this a long time also. Thanks in advance, Jak
  20. Greg - Loader Question

    Greg Shoemaker
    What year was it that you, Jeff and Norm came up with the idea and began using what people are now calling 'top loaders'? Also, would you mind giving us a little background on how the idea came about and what you'all went through to get the design to where it worked?