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    The ad points out that Secret Service and other law enforcement officers will not be barred from using the high-capacity clips, while criminals would still be able to purchase the clips on the black market. "It's just the rest of us, the law-abiding people, who will have to defend our...
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    If your wife has a CCW, here you go. Planning on getting my wife one!! Flashbang Bra Holster as seen on NCIS LA, NCIS Los Angeles - YouTube Flashbang bra holster demo, fast, and practical. - YouTube FLASHBANG BRA HOLSTER as seen on NCIS:LA! - YouTube
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    Wish they would do this in California
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    I figured they were going out of business, but they have been bought.... Couldnt hurt, they were the worst before, hopefully they will get some good people now!! Doubtful, but hey.... O N T A R I O — T u r n e r ’ s Outdoorsman, a 13-store chain of retail stores in Southern California...
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    The 2009 Shooting Sports Fair Has Been Cancelled ======================================================= ======================================================= Along with warm weather in Southern California the end of spring has historically been the month the shooting industries top...
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    Here is what I am finding out and I still can't make a decision. - POF is top of the line (or close) lots of extras from Factory - Colt is great as well but don't feel like adding on everything later - Bushmaster is Ok... - 308 rounds are about double 223 but much nicer and you can even Hunt...
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    I live in colorado and i want to get rid of some guns.You cant list in the paper anymore, craigs list want let you. so how do i advertise them localy?
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    What is your take on this? The guy was just stupid? He got caught up in drama? The spirit of the law wasn't followed by the LEO? He got what he deserved? Further deterioration of rights? Curious to what all of you have to say on this... Arrest angers O.C. man found at LAX with truck full...
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    Be careful and practice good gun safety. I just got a phone call from my guys in the fire dept. and a phone call from the sheriffs dept. A duck hunter was killed this morning while walking to the blind. He was killed instantly by the person walking behind him, his brother. Very sad to hear this...
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    This is not a contraversial post. I'd just like to know "how many family's that own a weapon of some sort and take it with them in condition #1 when they go to the river, Glamus, Dumont, your Granny's, where ever. I advocate it, I practice it, and I preach that it is your responsibility to...
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    Why the hell does such a small amount of crybabies(queers) get such a huge amount of media time and sympathy? The govt is closing trails, putting mandates on boaters, and getting ready to ban more firearms. Does the media show this....hell they show a bunch of crybaby queers...
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    After 15 years, GNR puts out this crap? That's my initial reaction, maybe it'll grow on me, I'm sure many will like it, but doesn't do anything for me. YouTube search Chinese democracy.
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    it you can't bust a cap in someone ass?
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    Thought I'd post up a pic of the latest addition to my collection. :)violent44 You just gotta love tax write offs.:D Remington 870 P Max, Wilson Combat ghost ring sights, SureFire Foregrip, IBD 3 point tactical sling, Tac Star 6 round side saddle. Loaded with Federal LE 00 buck with Flight...