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  1. Solid 1971 hallett jet boat with title

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    I had every intention of finishing this boat but between work and family issues there’s no way I can pull it off. It is a very sound hole the stringers are in good shape the transom is beautiful I’ve already dug out all the bad spots in the gelcoat and started filling them I do have the...
  2. Hallett hull with some interior, SBCr and nice trailer

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    Selling this for a friend who is not a member. This was his parents boat since new and was perfect until Bullhead City tweekers decided to take it and savage it. Hull is heavily damage from tweeker engine removal. Seats are there and in good shape. We got the SBC back from the police and bolted...
  3. [SOLD] 1977 Hallett Bubble Deck 19' Jet

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    1977 Hallett Bubble Deck 19’ w/original gel coat, white with red metal flake 1977 Allen tandem axle trailer with stainless fenders and LED lights. Engine built by Dave Akard @ Burbank Speed & Machine 501” BBF [email protected] rpm on 91 oct. 10.5-1 Dual Holly 750 DP’s tuned by C&J Engineering Weiand...
  4. 1987 Hallett Vector - For Sale

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    For Sale: Probably the most reliable Hallett Vector on the Parker Strip. 1987 Vector, BBC 454/Bravo One. Out drive fresh with new bellows & gimbal bearing installed @ Concept Marine. Engine & drive serviced every 3 months (yes, I know, it's a lot, but oil/filter/spark plugs are cheap). If you...
  5. [Question] 1963/64 Hallett Flat

    Hey guys I am wondering if anyone out here has seen this Hallett boat? it was my Dads boat built by Rich Hallett himself. I remember as a kid going to his shop and watching him build it. The CF numbers are clear but I have no way of checking where it is now. Does anyone know of a way to look up...
  6. 1963 Hallett Boat

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    Hey guys I am wondering if anyone out here has seen this boat? it was my Dads boa built by Rich himself. I remember as a kid going to his shop and watching him build it. If it is out there I would love to get it/ buy it. The CF numbers are clear but I have no way of checking where it is now...
  7. [SOLD] 1971 Barron (Hallett) flatbottom

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    This is a 1971 Barron flat, AZ title for both boat and trailer in hand. I believe it would make a great, low budget SE class boat. I did a quick rinse out of the bilge, everything appears to be alright. Boat has right hand steering, two bucket seats, plates to mount BBC to drive off damper...
  8. 23' Hallett V-Drive Project

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    SOLD! Selling my 1976 23' Hallett V-Drive. The boat was originally built for ski racing. Nick Barron said he remembered the Martini family owing it. It's a total project so I'm looking for someone who appreciates an olderv-drive and doesn't want to see them disappear. If my kids were 10...
  9. 32ft Hallett

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    '87 Hallett 32ft open bow, twin 454s, bravo1 drives with dual hydraulic steering rams on both drives. One motor needs work. Has a bad piston. Asking 20,000 or your best offer. Trade offers welcome
  10. 1989 hallett 240-s closed bow

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    1989 Hallett 240S closed bow its the only one with this gel coat color (cool story about the boat I could share later) 30k obo **i will trade for the right open bow or deck boat mid 2000's and up 23ft + with a 5.7 or better motor package (chaparral,cobalt,ebbtide..ect must have a full...
  11. Nordic Purchases Hallett Boats

    PB Open Water
    As of September 7, 2017, an agreement was reached that Nordic Boats has purchased all assets of Hallett Boats effectively immediately. Hallett Boats will no longer operate from its Azusa, CA headquarters. All future sales, manufacturing, and service of Hallett Boats will be done at the Nordic...
  12. 74 Hallett - 900 HP

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    Hallett Hello, God Bless!
  13. Anyone set the pump back on a hallett mini day cruiser

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    I have a 77 hallett mini cruiser 18' and right now the hand hole cover is inside the boat. Was thinking of setting it back to where the hand hole cover is outside, or close to it. I know I don't want to cut through the transom. Just wondering if it's worth doing, or if anyone had problems. It...
  14. Hallett barron sprint resto/project

  15. 32ft Hallett

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    32ft Hallett for sale Got this boat in on a trade. Was going to keep it but decided to let it go. 87 Hallett in great shape with twin 502's, bravo 1 drives with imco internals, dual hydraulic assist steering rams, hydraulic trim tabs. One motor needs to be rebuilt. It runs but burns a lot of...
  16. TWIN ENGINE / TWIN JET 23' HALLETT on craigslist

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    Saw this one on craigslist... very unique.
  17. [SOLD] 1969 Hallett V-Drive $3000

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    Was a factory built race boat, ski race and circle. Race team sold it in 1983. Blue printed bottom. Casale in and out vdrive with 22 gears. Full stringers. Nice hardware. 2 blade steel prop. Could use a little clean up and your big block motor. Pics suck. Boat is in Sacramento area. Come see...
  18. 1972 Hallett daycruiser build

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    Got a tip Thursday night that our old family boat I spent my weekends on as a kid was sitting on a farm in northern Arizona and it needed a new home. The owner had purchased it from my Dad in the early 90s and other than a start at some upholstery, not done anything to it since. He said the...
  19. [SOLD] Hallett long deck project

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    Hello, i have a 73 Hallett long deck true flat that needs a new home. One side of the floor has been removed due to the fiberglass tanks leaking. I am in the process of purchasing a new home and this needs to leave. The rest of the hull is in really great shape I just don't have the time or...
  20. Supposed to be a 72 Hallett flat bottom

    PB Open Water
    So this is supposed to be a 72 Hallett flat bottom with an olds 455 setup. So far these are the only pictures the guy gave me. Was looking for information on what the boat would run, and ride like and really look like before I spend anymore of mine and his time on it. Friend told me about it...