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  1. Hangin Out on Haines Creek

    PB Open Water
    Hangin Out on Haines Creek12/03/2014 0 Comments This weekend we ventured out to a new place a restaurant we heard about from some fellow boaters we met along Lake Eustis. They told us about a restaurant off Haines Creek called Gator Bay. Haines Creek is located off the North west corner...
  2. Nutz Leaves em Hangin

    Well Blown to the Bone...I hear all the way up here in little ol Idaho that you have left a few of your close friends "Hangin" so to speak...planned the April trip without the help of Billy and BAM..."They call ya No Show Jones" in the words of the immortal Ricky Ricardo..."Chooo got some...
  3. Nutz a Hangin

  4. Happy Birthday Havasu Hangin'

    PB Open Water
    Have a great day, birthday boy!!! :)
  5. Thumbs up to "NUTT A HANGIN KING"

    Just a post to tell Nutts thanks for all that he did in getting my new engine done and in the boat in time for the irvine event. It ran flawless right off the trailer, had a ton of power and no oil leaks. Now all he said is we have alittle bit of dialing in and we'll be good to go. Thanks again...
  6. you guys hangin' out?

    PB Open Water
    i'll hang out.:)hand:)devil