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  1. What Happened?

    Political Rhetoric
    What happened to the PRF? This place is dead. We used to have some lively debates, and now this? How sad.
  2. What happened to the photos ???

    What happened to the photos - changed to thumbnails - which I can no longer open to view - even some older ones - on the "For Sale" ads as well ???????????
  3. What happened to REAL conservatives?

    Political Rhetoric
    So lets see.....Used to be that Conservatives believed in LOWER taxes for ALL- Not just the hyper rich, while screwing the lower and middle class......Used to be that conservatives believed in "Pay-as-you-go" meaning no giant debt, but now they believe in increasing debt astronomically...Both...
  4. Whatever happened with the Chowchilla event ?

    So was there an event or did they drain the pool again????? :grin:
  5. Suction Housing......What happened here?

    Jet Boats
    Doing a rebuild to find all kinds of issues. The suction housing has deep grooves worn around the impeller area. You can see grooves on the top inside but not on the bottom. The whole beveled area where the water port for engine cooling hose is has been filled with epoxy and a piece has come...
  6. What happened to the clock????????

    I know it has been many years since I was involved in circle racing.........I have watched several videos with the flag start.....3, 4, tries at it to get it right........JMO......but that's the biggest joke I've ever seen. There is driver SKILL to the clock.......either you're early, on it, or...
  7. What happened ?

    Outboard Church
    All see are posts of skanky women . Wheres the chit talking ? Man I miss the good old days with U T and Barney .
  8. Say... what ever happened...???

    Jet Boats
    ... to the r&d going on with "The Duct"??? Anyone still trying these things out? Pros? Cons? I remember it was quite heated a while back about how they were better than a pop=off and a ratchet combined... now since the site has gone lame... haven't heard a thing. AND... what ever happened to...
  9. what happened to Emily... still missing??

    PB Open Water
    missing since july 22
  10. what happened 8-11-15

    PB Open Water
    There are currently 1156 users online. 75 members and 1081 guests Most users ever online was 5,358, 08-11-2015 at 09:08 PM.
  11. what happened to this section

    PB Open Water
    pretty quiet lately
  12. What happened to these boats?

    What happened or who has these boats now? This Dimarco and the other boat I don't have a picture of it but was a Cole TR2 called Hazardous Wast. thanks
  13. What has happened with the David Patreaus scandel?

    Political Rhetoric
    Apparently the investigation is STILL not closed, WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS????? The general assumption is that, not closing the investigation is believed to insure Patreaus's silence on Benghazi as well as other issues. Isn't it a wonderful political atmosphere we live in?
  14. What ever happened to BOB?

    PB Open Water
    For my second post i'm going to jump right in.... Does anybody know what became of The Big Orange Boat? I used to live in Havasu and remember their fight with the BLM and the drama ***storm she started back then. Here are a couple old threads to refresh...
  15. What happened to my favorite show deadliest catch

    PB Open Water
  16. what happened to placediverter website ??

    Jet Boats
    trying to order parts from and its not there anymore anybody know if they changed address or anything?
  17. What happened?

    Political Rhetoric
    Where are the resident LIBERALS? No one to tell us how good there illustrious leader is leading the Country. I am really worried and could use there words of wisdom to lift my spirits.
  18. what happened to all the go pro vids on hooky day!!!!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    familycat where is it!!!!
  19. [Question] What happened to BLACKSTEALTH setting?

    PB Open Water
    I've always used the Blackstealth setting, since I find it much easier to read. A few days ago I logged on and I have the standard (blue) setting. When I click the 'Quick Style Chooser' at the bottom left of the page, it does nothing. There are no format options. What's up? Jocko
  20. Has this ever happened to you?

    PB Open Water
    I ordered a pizza tonight to watch the Bears/Packers game. Along with the pizza, a 2 liter of Coke. NOT Coke though. A slight fruity flavor to it combined with what tasted sort of like Coke. I did not like it. Anyone else have that happen?