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  1. Michigan Hot Boats
    Who's going to show up?
  2. Michigan Hot Boats
    Who is coming for hot boat weekend on hardy?
  3. Michigan Hot Boats
    Hot boat weekend is month away who's ready let's start the sandbar trash talk who's racing who?
  4. Michigan Hot Boats
    Who is coming for hotboat weekend on hardy?
  5. Michigan Hot Boats
    we are selling our property its ready to build on. You get access rights to dock too. I'm just putting it out there in the michigan forum. :thumb:
  6. Michigan Hot Boats
  7. Michigan Hot Boats
    Oscoda or Hardy Oscoda or Hardy where is everyone going? I'm still undecided but I'm leaning towards Hardy.
  8. PB Open Water
  9. Mideast and Great Lakes
    Who's ready to give the cam corder crew some good drag boat footage this year? I am :)hand Here's some from 2007:
  10. Mideast and Great Lakes
1-10 of 10 Results