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  1. Bottled Hell Canyon PGF..Looking for it..

    It's been a while since I've been on here or involved with boats. I'm looking for this boat that I think ended up in Vegas but not sure. I would like to buy it back. Hope everyone has been well!
  2. One HELL of a Craigslist ad for a jet MUST SEE :)

    Boats for Sale
    Enjoy :) 1976 south wind drag boat
  3. Hell Rayzor at Lake Ming

    Just wanted to say thank you for a great time this past weekend at Ming running the Hell Rayzor. Ended up running a 5.033 Sunday before we left. :))THumbsUp Thanks to Dale and Lisa Rayzor, Joe Sr., Joe Jr. And lil Joe Shelfo from Precision Craft Marine and Sean and Frank from HUR Performance.
  4. Annoying as hell

    PB Open Water
    Banner ads on here now playing video auto start.
  5. What 'Tha Hell....

    Jet Boats
    . QE boat in Paris, Texas last weekend...
  6. [SOLD] velocity tubes for big dom/ what the hell r these

    Parts for Sale
    these sit on the top of a big carb...........there held down by the center air cleaner bolt the 4 of them together sit right down inside the edge i was told dominator carbs.....makes it look like you have injection..this was the story there really nice from the 60,s again im told..there in...
  7. [Announcment] Last week in hell

    Spent last week hospital 2 surgery install pins plates screws fell off ladder 4 foot up from semi trailer on Friday am looking at 2 1/2 to 3 weeks out , covers all wages lost was just getting into. Nice weather. Home know can't do anything or you know. Wild Bill Sparks Nv.
  8. To hell with the USA and its Legal Sytem and You Taxpayers..

    Political Rhetoric
    I'm gonna do it anyways Obama to announce immigration action in prime-time address | On Air Videos | Fox News
  9. New project .... HELL YEAH!!!!

    Jet Boats
    Just picked up a Eliminator sport cruiser . It is total rehab build . Is it worth setting back the pump in these hulls. Im not looking for a 100mph boat . Just looking to build a clean dependable 60mph river cruiser . I have been off the lake for a few ears and just can not handle another...
  10. I know im going to get hell for this cuz im new here

    Jet Boats
    Here we go anyway anyone running or know of any 500 inch cadillac jet boats I have seen the sprint boats but never a day to day on the lake boat befor you slam me i know about the valve trouble with high rpms on STOCK motors. I also searched and came up with nothing
  11. Hell hits Hugo 660' call outs!

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    1) Bodean's Hammer vs. Jimsplace 2) Piston in the Wind vs. Trigger 3) ?
  12. What the hell did I really buy?

    Hello, Normaly I am a jet boat guy but a deal just fell in my lap. I bought this hull as being a 79 Hondo, but as i look up info for setups etc. i find that it doesnt really look like any pics of hondos in certain areas. I did find some pics of a Belmont that has the same look and some similar...
  13. Where the hell are they??????

    Political Rhetoric
    Daily, I think about the ongoing military operations in the Middle East and how they seem to be all but forgotten by the media. We have brave soldiers still in peril and the loss of life and limb continues. O is so wrapped up in himself and dodging bullets over his O-Farce legislation, we hear...
  14. Fast as hell boat for sale - $3600

  15. So Illegals are Alright, But to Hell With The Veterans!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    O and the liberal assholes open up the National Mall for illegal aliens, but pissed on the veterans!! Nancy Pelosi thanks O for opening up the NM and the WWII Memorial, but wait, the WWII Memorial wasn't open!!!! So tell me Shue, defend this!!!!! You guys piss on the veterans over people that...
  16. who the hell does this hullshot guy think he is...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    well lets start off with this, brought the boat by for a oil change 2 days later get a call telling me my engine needs a new power steering cooler turbo line,and the emergency brake don't work...LOL... all BS aside don at high power marine is the FOKIN man...what was to be just a weekend spent...
  17. Aw HELL nawwwwwww...

    Political Rhetoric
    The wookie is part white... Now whatcha gonna do WOOKIE... "for the first time in my life im proud to be an American"...... Tisk tisk tisk... Using DNA To Trace Michelle Obama Interestingly SOMEONE appears to be missing from the family photo... hil:) surpriseeeeeeee surpriseeeeeeeeee...
  18. What The Hell

    PB Open Water
    I plan on shooting some skeet with my buddies at halftime on Sun. It seems that every box of 12 Guage shells and cases of Clay Pigeons in Cali. are sold out. At what point is everyone so paranoid that they buy up everthing. I highly doubt they are gonna outlaw shotguns and clay pigeons. :mad:
  19. Presidental desparation? Hell ya!

    Political Rhetoric
    I've been on potus mailing list for a while. It's a good way to keep informed on what the bad guys are thinking. "Friend -- My upcoming birthday next week could be the last one I celebrate as President of the United States, but that's not up to me -- it's up to you. (don't be blaming your...
  20. Hell Yeah to JOHN HUELSMAN

    PB Open Water
    Thank you for your courage against the rest of this media circus...Where do I send money.... I back you and your step sonAMAZING WHAT THE NEW VIDEO SHOWS.....