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  1. Dominator 9.5" SS Impeller - High Helix

    Parts for Sale
    Factory condition. Wear surface measures 7.216" (.009" undersize) Use with .010 wear ring. Can easily be configured for use in Berk. Lists for $2131.50. reduced to $1150 - was $1300. 949-SixThreeOne-2040
  2. High End Push Rods Price Slashed

    Parts for Sale
    Smith Brothers Push Rods: They are over $32 each new. S.B. will shorten them for $5 each. Heavy wall 7/16 double taper 5/16 ball. There are ten 9.778" long one brand new $80, nine 9.860" long $72 and eight 8.980" long $64. Trend performance: Heavy wall 1 piece 7/16 double taper push rods...
  3. Any good option with a log/snail exhaust for high HP?

    Jet Boats
    Just got my first jet boat (just a family cruiser) and it seems to have a very mundane BBC. My plan is to keep the current engine cover so is there a log/snail exhaust option for higher HP? My plan is a 540 with a large hydraulic roller cam and single four barrel.
  4. WTB 3.75" high spark arrestor

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a used high flow spark arrestor. K&n is out of the question the only one that fits only flows 360cfm.
  5. Looking for a good high pressure water pump

    Looking for a higher pressure water pump for my boat. I currently have a V-105 old pump on it now. Motor is a BBC with a 8-71 Superchager lake boat. I beleave that the water pump is finally giving up. Just seeing what pump would work the best or what everyone Is using.
  6. Under 30' High Torque Marine (HTM) SS 24 $50,000

    Boats for Sale
    High Torque Marine (HTM) SS 24 $49,000 Over $25,000 put into boat recently, only 16 hours on new motor. New 572ci Stroked Dart motor built by T.O.E. Racing Engines. 871 Littlefield Blower with Blower Shop Chiller. Big Brodix Aluminum Heads All the best in the motor, 1000 hp on pump gas, capable...
  7. gift to local high school engine team

    PB Open Water
    With the help of a couple friends and a local CNC shop, I put together this new tool tray for a local high school engine building team. They compete at SEMA every year and do quite well. The kids loved it. Wish they had a similar program when I was in school, It would have taken away alot of the...
  8. high mount alt mount

    have the thick (about 2") front water pump/motor plate on my BB chevy, looking for a alt mount that will work with this, the old one was mounted on the stringer and was B/S at best, thanks Rob
  9. Top mount high torque tilton style starter, bellhousing, and driveshaft cover!!!!!

    Parts for Sale
    I have a top mount tilton style 3 hp starter and adaptor to mount the starter in the 2 oclock position making it easily accessible , away from the water , with full starter teeth engagement adjustability to go deeper or further away from the flywheel. It is a custom made mount that works...
  10. [SOLD] Duratec gel & high gloss additive---enough for your v-drive floor

    Parts for Sale
    Material to reflo your floors-- Here's what you get: over 1/2 gallon of each duratrc high gloss additive clear gel coat activator (small bottle of this stuff--you don't use much) here's how it's done: scuff floor with 180 grit on your da degrease you mix the two materials 1:1 w/ 2% of the...
  11. High Power Marine Nice Job

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Want to thank Don (Hullshot) for a nice job on a complete motor refresh and adding the Whipple to the old 240 Hallett. The old girl still looks pretty good. I'm talking about the boat guys ;) She runs like a dream with the EFI. A nice low idle for smooth shifting and good power throughout...
  12. [SOLD] BBC High torque starter

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD BBC High torque starter SOLD Big block chevy high torque starter $75.00
  13. local high school drag boat demo

    Spent a couple of hours with the kids from the local high school shop class today. The instructor had asked if I would bring my boat in and talk to the kids about it. Most of them seemed really interested in the whole thing. There were lots of questions that showed they were truly engaged. The...
  14. Under 30' 2004 High Torque marine HTM SR24

    Boats for Sale
    HTM SR24 496. Fresh water cooled. Never seen salt water. Sold house in AZ and brought it home to NJ this past month. Supercharged 496 after cooled. 194.7 original hours. Runs in 90mph range in fresh water and 100 deg boat. Mint condition. Always stored indoors. $35,000 obo. 2004 HTM SR24...
  15. 5 Blade Mercury Marine High Five - 19 pitch

    Parts for Sale
    The prop is in like new condition. $150 Jeremy 909.262.9648
  16. Stacked ss tank High Capacity 25+ Gallons

    Parts for Sale
    In house fabricated SS High Capacity Fuel Tank and Mounts originally fabricated for a Alcohol Cole TR5, internal baffled one time on center. All stainless steel (NPT) bungs for fuel returns, venting, and 3/4" supply elbow. The dimensions are the same for a IMCO stacked tank Stainless Steel...
  17. [SOLD] True brand vertical cooler, about 6 feet high

    Other Stuff for Sale
    $500 True brand vertical cooler, about 6 feet high, works and is cold. We are just not using this cooler any longer, it works well.
  18. High Five's

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Once again, Huge High FIVE to Orwood , Union Point , Windmill Cove, for Alway's taking good care of the DLB :thumb: And Big Thank-You to Riverboat for BBQ :) It was so nice seeing everyone and meeting the Newbie's :)hand
  19. Newbie here from the High Desert

    New member Introductions
    Somewhat new to boating. I bought my first boat earlier this year with the intentions of restoring it, '79 Charger Offshore '24 with a 454 and Volvo-Penta 280DP. Then my fiance showed me an ad for a '88 Carrera 20.5 Eagle with a 454 and Berkeley JG. The guy just had new upholstery work done and...
  20. [Video] High Speed Craft

    PB Open Water
    It may not be a boat, but is a high perfomance ship... High Speed Craft Jaume III from Balearia Company leaving Denia Port to Ibiza.