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  1. Michigan Hot Boats
    Holloway is this weekend on Saturday. I'm going to drag the Bahner up in an unfinished state to show it off so if anyone doesn't mind giving me a ride on the lake that would be awesome. I'll provide beer. 10am - Walleye Pike Boat Launch (map below shows launch and beach across the lake)...
  2. Michigan Hot Boats
    Anybody going to this B or what... Saturday Mostly sunny. Highs 69 to 73.
  3. Michigan Hot Boats
    Trying to get a feel for how many boats will be coming. Last year everyone met up over at the Columbiville side and everyone brought food to pass for all. Is this still a good plan or something different?
  4. Michigan Hot Boats
  5. Michigan Hot Boats
    Was out there today and a good time. Going out there again tomorrow if the weather holds out. Anyone going to be in the area?
  6. Michigan Hot Boats
    We will be at the campground at site #2 on the water. Wondering if anybody would be interested in meeting up and having a mini meet? Let me know.:)bulb
  7. Michigan Hot Boats
    August 4th whos going? Need input as to where we want to hang out. Last two meets were crappy weather and we stayed around the boat launch area. There is a sandy shore at the east end of the lake by Goose Point, or bavk to Zemmer Park through about a 1/2 mile no wake, or two other areas were we...
  8. Michigan Hot Boats
    Was disappointed about loosing the meet at Holloway. I know the last two meets where poor due to weather.But i saw this on the Holloway web site, so maybe in the future the meet will come back to Holloway.Holloway Events
  9. Michigan Hot Boats
    I will be there, anybody else. Anybody?
  10. Mideast and Great Lakes
    Its a while out but the weather sounds like it might be nice by then. Who's all in??? :D
1-10 of 10 Results