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  1. Holy hole

    Jet Boats
    So at the begining of summer I noticed a small hair line crack on the # 1 header. I thought it was just a thin spot in the coating. Now I have a hole.Bummed:))ThumbsDwn.Not sure how old these headers are. Im wondering if this was just normal metal fatigue from years of use with water. I only had...
  2. Holy Drowning Polar Bears

    Political Rhetoric
    Polar Bear PSA 60 seconds - YouTube I saw this on a kids show, Animal Atlas, this morning as I was flipping through. Brain washing the children. Liberal socialism is all it is. AKA much of sorry lying motherfuckers!!! :(((((( BTW I posted a link too in case you wanted to go to boobtube and...
  3. On-board holy smoke 44ol desert storm 2014

    PB Open Water
  4. Holy Shit! Would you let this guy rebuild your engine?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    OMG! Worst engine asymbly practices i have ever seen! If you want a good laugh, watch this vidy. In the begening of the video, the guy said the block was back fresh from the machine shop. If that is the work his machine shop does, i would run,run far away!
  5. lolyfe turns 50 today... holy crap

    Tim turns 50 today and I told him no one over 50 that is cool owns or drives a jet boat... so he has some stuff for sales now... He asked me if he could get a senior discount now and I say no but he wont look so foolish buying his Viagra.... :p Happy Birthday old man.. welcome to the 50s just...
  6. Gravity movie holy s..t

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Went and saw Gvavity in 3d IMAX . Wow, that shit was amazing. Probably would skip the 3D, but spectacular flick. I actually held my brea three times. Big thumbs up. I know it has nothin to do with boating, but wanted to share.
  7. Holy crap i need to vent

    PB Open Water
    My boss asks me TODAY if I have to leave on Tuesday NEXT WEEK, for the finals. I explain to him the situation and he is all like, it's not about your time off its that we miss you and really don't wanna do your work for you while your gone.
  8. Holy Freakin Sexathon

    PB Open Water
    Quick math test. 23,500 competitors and backroom staff. (males and females) 150,000 free condoms to be distributed. They did 90000 in China and used them all. This is sex at the Olympic level. :yes:
  9. Holy crap!

    Jet Boats
    Man I just refound this hows has everyone been? Olrigger??? ProMod??? Hammerdown??? Florida saltwater has got in my head ad Ive been lost for a few years. Im back. Looking at a Youngblood Pickle.
  10. Holy Living F--K!

    PB Open Water
    I am not a religious person, to put it mildly. But if there's anything approaching proof of the existence of God, then man, you're looking at it right now. Geez, I wish I had a high-resolution copy of this.
  11. Holy Crap!.......found more stuff. Jocko

    Parts for Sale
    1) Aluminum battery tray....................................................................$15.00 SOLD 2) Suction Cup rearview mirror. (great for skiing behind a flat). I built this out of a plate glass carrier w/bolted on mirror................lowered price.....$25.00 3) RARE IHBA hitch...
  12. holy crap!!!!

    PB Open Water
    i just checked the weather in havi. tomorrows gonna be 119 i dont remember heat like that for a couple of years. thats friggen HOT:)sphss is it monsoony out there????
  13. Holy Crap!!!! Oil Is Black!!!

    PB Open Water
    Found my oil drain plug has a small drip. Oil was changed 1100 miles ago. Info in truck says 75% oil life remaining!!!!.........................SO, pulled the dip stick and the oil is si frickin BLACK it aint funny!!!!!! Has no smoothness or slickness(viscosity)what so ever:|err:|err just smells...
  14. Holy Hemi Dyno Video...2000+on 93 Octane

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Enjoy.. SMRE Performance 231-773-8150
  15. Holy Crap: Dow Down 679 and this!!!

    PB Open Water Who's next?????? This is PANIC CITY. Hold on tight cus it ain':mad:t over yet.
  16. Holy freaking crap

    Political Rhetoric
    Democrats write laws, benefit from writing them, write contracts for CEO Republicans and are the HEROS when it all blows up while they make money from the HYPOCRISY. Republicans follow law and are the assbites....I guess I am an assbite. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing...
  17. Holy Cow!! 114 in a 300hp Trick Powerboat.

    Wow, this is probably one of the fastest 300hp, 5 seaters on the planet! Pretty cool. I can see more and more people going to single OBs with the way gas prices have been going. There is a pic of the tattle tale, but I don't know how to attach it.
  18. Holy crap...

    PB Open Water
    who the hell just went by Newport Coast??? I'm sitting here in my office about 1/2-1 mile from Newport Pier and the hair all over my body stood up from the sound of the gnarliest boat going by out on the ocean. I mean that sucker sounded f'ing awesome. On and off the throttles just hauling ass...
  19. Holy crap

    Political Rhetoric
    I already knew I came from a Dysfunctional family but crap I need to learn when to stfu. Can I delete posts like lots of them? Too late now I guess. I am glad Philly memebership is small, however I had to go ahead and say Hi to Hammerdown who didn't even say hi back. :)hand My posting was...
  20. holy shit!

    PB Open Water
    That was a big one!