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  1. Houston flood

    Political Rhetoric this is gut wrenching.. stay safe down there
  2. [Event] Houston Area Winter Nationals

    Races and Boating Events
    Anyone have any CONCRETE and USEFUL info on dates and times (or a website link) for the Winter Nationals in the Houston area 2014?????
  3. Winter Nationals - 2013 - Houston - Pictures

    WFL Crew
    Winter National 2013 Pictures by Alesha!!! 625 pictures from the Winter Nationals in Houston Thanks to Alesha. Winter Nationals - Houston - 2013
  4. Houston texas, winternationals, drag races

    Hot Boats Down South
    About as far south as you can get. Jan 19, bananna beach park. Outboards, jets, flats, who knows, my first time attending. Nice weather,people, hope its a good show
  5. Houston Tx, winternationals drag race

    Anyone know any details? heard its Jan 19, just wondering how it goes Plan on bringing my boat, never been before
  6. 1985 TX 19 Condor pump gas blown 468 bbc houston tx

    Boats for Sale
    1985 TX- 19 Condor with pump gas blown 468, msd 6al, rail kit,dominator pump with droop and hyd place diverter, very nice paint,trailer is in good shape, lake ready 14,500 obo call robert at 7132087447
  7. Hotel in houston help

    A couple from our church are headed to MD Anderson cancer clinic in Houston next week. Need a place to stay with reasonable rates fairly close. Anyone?
  8. West System 105 kit in Houston Area? Anywhere?

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Anyone know of a place I can go near the Houston, TX are to get a West System 105 kit? I am doing some work on my 78 Baja 16SS and need the epoxy resin kit they sell, but need it sooner than later, and was looking to possibly save on shipping. Out of all the crap in Houston, I figure there...
  9. Need track info for NHRA in Houston.

    PB Open Water
    Looking at seating for NHRA in a couple weeks at Houston. Never been to that event. Which is the "good" side of the track?? The pit side or the other side? I know usually the pit side has all the vendors, like at Pomona, but some, like Seattle, have different rules for beer in the stands and...
  10. Subway Robbery in Houston

    PB Open Water
    This is hilarius. A guy tried to rob a Subway in Houston and the lady behind the counter puched him out, jumped the counter, ran him down, wrestled him to the ground outside, handcuffed him with cuffs from someone in the crowd, tasered him 'til he cried with a taser from someone in the crowd...
  11. Houston Police Officer critically wounded

    PB Open Water
    I posted the following over in the Political Forum, but thought it deserved more attention. I have a good neighbor fighting for his life because an illegal immigrant scumbag wasn't effectively kept out of our country: Last week a 20+ year Houston PD veteran undercover narcotics Agent was shot...
  12. Houston Tea Party

    Political Rhetoric
    Old Texan, Did you go to the Houston tea party? I heard there was a big demonstration in houston, anybody have any information about this?:)devil
  13. a nice area to live in Houston, tx.. help.

    considering moving to Houston (did I actually just say that-?) area since the semiconductor industry/california is getting fricken hammered with layoffs with no end in sight.. what our family needs: I'd like maybe 2-10 acres. excellent school district with Jr and Sr high needs... --I have no...
  14. Snow Flurries in Houston

    PB Open Water
    And it's just plain miserable.....
  15. Houston we have a problem

    I started my 454 chevy today for he first time. Double checked everything before starting her up. I gave it a little gas and it fired up. Then I noticed the weep holes on my headers were really pushing some water out. I shut the boat down and checked the oil. A milky white nasty mess. I drained...
  16. Second run.. Houston we have a problem.....

    Jet Boats
    Ok so we went out today to moutain island lake. After the oil leakage and water leak fixes i wanted to test out those repairs. Good news is they worked.. bad news is i have a couple more issues.. My cooling hoses are poping the clamps i put on. I assume I over tightened them when i installed...
  17. Houston-- we have a problem.

    Couldn't make it to CFW, but we decided they shouldn't have all of the fun. Started out good... Ended up drinking. Runnin-- note exaust.. Also hummer not being rendered by passenger. Trying to read GPS--so he said. Hmmm... Is this normal?? Is it gonna cost hundreds or thousands, he...
  18. Houston weve got a problem

    Greg Shoemaker
    Ok looks like we have a bit of a problem with the site. I see Shoemaker, Wilkes and Taylor all have their own forums, I didnt see the Chris Starkweather forum. Clearly a mistake so lets get on it boys and get this fixed pronto, this place just wont take off without my own forum.:)violent44 Thanks.