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  1. Mantra Tunnel hull & Deece trailer

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    Mantra Tunnel hull & Deece trailer 4,000 sold
  2. Under 23' 88 21Ft Baker Tunnel Hull Berkely Jet

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    600hp 496 10.5-1 stroker motor with 10 hours, dual carbs, dual batteries, dual 13.5 gallon tanks, all gages work even speedo and fuel, 75+, new $800 dollar windshield, turn key, great riding boat, new interior, trailer has new bearing and lights, $12,500 310-529-5313
  3. Hull paint

    Looking for a recommendation for what type of paint to restore a 70 - 71 Kurtis flat. Thanks in advance Dee
  4. Hallett hull with some interior, SBCr and nice trailer

    Parts for Sale
    Selling this for a friend who is not a member. This was his parents boat since new and was perfect until Bullhead City tweekers decided to take it and savage it. Hull is heavily damage from tweeker engine removal. Seats are there and in good shape. We got the SBC back from the police and bolted...
  5. I joined to find a trailer for my 78 Sleekcraft Tunnel Hull

    New member Introductions
    Hi! I restored a 78 Sleekcraft Aristocrat Tunnel Hull ( and my trailer is a huge piece of shit. I run the sleekcraft group on FB, with over 1000 members, and as far as I know every boat was sold with a factory Roadrunner trailer, bunk style. Somehow, my boat was...
  6. Info on this hull

    Ok, some dude parked this at our local walmart for sale, says its an 84 Thurston built by a guy named Joe Torres. Says its a splash of either a tr1 or 2, I don't know the difference neither does the owner. Its got all hardware for BBC install, 10* casale with whirlaway and from spinning it...
  7. Name this hull!

    Hello, New here. I'm slowly discovering my desire to have a boat, and finally came across the style that I've wanted. The ad states that this is a 1968 Steven's V-drive, but I'm not convinced it's a "Steven's" just yet based on google searches. Wondering if you guys could identify this hull...
  8. Info about a Magic Power 240 Legend hull?

    PB Open Water
    I've tried google, etc trying to find more info about this type of boat/hull from the late 80s early 90s? Some direction about them would be great. Most stuff I seem to come across is their later boats. Thanks RustyNCA
  9. [SOLD] 1989 Caribbean Tunnel Hull -- Cheyenne -- $2500.00

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    1989 Caribbean Tunnel Hull by Hardin Marine -- This boat was in an on lake incident about 10 years ago that left it sitting under about 20' of water. It basically launched off the tail of another boat and landed on it's tail -- right to the bottom. I bought it from the Insurance company that...
  10. Looking for help identifying a hull

    PB Open Water
    Currently there is a Donzi "look alike" on Craigslist in the Buffalo, NY area. Any idea of what other manufacturers had a similar hull?
  11. Under 23' 1970 shovelnose hydro hull # 270

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    selling my shovelnose cause dont use it. BB chevy 468 4 bolt steel crank 990 heads 800 solid roller cam gm big rods tunnel ram 900 cfm predator carbs tunnel ram msd ignition casele v drive whirlaway 25 gears 2 props air shifter race seats and origional bench seats reapulstered, 8 gallon polished...
  12. 28' cat hull make offer

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    28' cat hull+ MOLD make offer 28' cat no trailer mold+ HULL 480 396 3455
  13. Hull Blueprinting Norcal area

    Jet Boats
    I am planning on getting some rash repaired on my boat over the winter as well as adding some HP to the setup with some jet work to match. It has been suggested that having my hull blueprinted would benefit my efforts for adding HP. My goal is to have a fast boat. I know a daycruiser can only...
  14. [For Sale] 19’ tunnel hull dolly trailer

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    19’ tunnel hull dolly trailer set up for Cheyenne,Daytona or TPR channel frame removable/extending tongue has lights not registered no title 1500.00
  15. Revenge Hull K-74 For Sale

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    It’s a tough decision but it has been decided K-74 is now for sale. Good Revenge hull, could be sold with SS, SE engines or no engine. The K motor is not for sale at this time. Contact Karl Loveless for details and options. Post here, Email at [email protected] or my cell at 801-787-8074
  16. Pickle fork, tunnel hull outboard

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    Built off the scorpion mold with a stepped hull & a narrow cockpit, new bench back to back seat. lots of new stuff ( gauges, steering, ron hill built 200 mariner race eng, trailer) Engine has been ported, EX reliefs, trick airbox, cowl luvers, top 2 water intakes plugged, solid mounts, foot...
  17. Hull ID

    Was told this was a Rayson Craft GN hull. Looking it over good I found what I believe is this ID number BARR M 0100274. Did Hallett ever build a GN boat ?
  18. [SOLD] For Sale 1994 Competitive Tunnel Hull Trailer

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
    For sale is my Competitive trailer from under my 21’ Eliminator Daytona. This is a fully boxed trailer not c-channel as many Competitive trailers were from the 90s. Has low profile set up and rear steps. Maintenance: > Replaced the bunks with new 2” x 12” lumber and fully wrapped carpet. >...
  19. [Question] Does Someone recognize, and has worked with this 73-75 Hallet 21.5ft hull?????

    I have been working on this boat for the past few years. We are now at a 514ci Ford, likely just shy of 600hp and just over 600 ft pounds. Max torque at around 5,000 and max hp around 5,800. Boat weighs 3,600 with interior. 15% gears, and a custom C4 Trans. Kinsvater 12x16- 3 blade. No...
  20. Prospects new build mod v hull

    Boats for Sale
    Hello Looking to generate interested towards a new sweet ride, a new pro build of a classic hot boat mini . Any one who might be interested please let me know all boats would be built by a performance boat building company .This boat can be setup for outboard as well, very stable fun fast...