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  1. 1963 Biesemeyer 4 point hydro for sale

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    Very rare Biesemeyer 4 point hydro full restoration in 2010. 572 CU inch Blueprint motor, 2 speed tranny, Casale v drive, all rigging by Tom Stolarz at WPM racing. The motor was rebuilt 3 years ago and the tranny is newly rebuilt just put back in. I have tons of pictures of the restoration and...
  2. [SOLD] 87 Deaver Drag Hydro

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    87 Deaver Drag Hydro $12,900 1987 Deaver Hydro · Deaver drag hydro, Big shaft Casale v-drive with whirl away. Outboard steering. Blown BBC 460" 4 bolt, forged pistons, and pro comp H beam rods, DART heads, 8-71+ 850 Holleys. Full roller with vertex mag. Boat is in amazing condition...
  3. Sanger 5 rib hydro for sale

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    Sanger 5 rib hydro for SOLD 1978 Sanger 5 rib hydro with rebuilt 427 chevy 4 bolt mains factory forged crank dimple rods trw forged 12-1 pistons roller cam rockers dart iron heads single plane alum intake with new 850 quickfuel e-85 carb holley hp 150 fuel pump volumemax reg all for alcohol...
  4. [Question] Biesemeyer 4 Point Hydro

    I am looking for some general information on the 4 Point Hydro, as I now have one as a personal project and trying to decide if I want to invest the blood, sweat, tears, and greenbacks necessary. Have done one other (jet) boat build so aware of the pain factor, and though I like this boat and...
  5. Under 23' 3 drag hydros for sale 2 deavers 1 kurtis watercraft pro mod 2 capsules will trade

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    1980s deaver open drag hydro center steering very nice , totally complete 15000 with blown alcohol Chrysler , 6750 without. 1992 deaver capsule top fuel hydro famous drag boat only 6000 DOLLARS ! totally complete ! once in a lifetime steal. no motor . watercraft kurtis pro mod nice only...
  6. [Wanted] WTB hydro trailer for parts

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
    Have 1977 dual axle hydro trailer, need good axles and tongue setup. 916-933-3965
  7. Hydro trailer part

    Need a trailer tongue replacement for my 1977 Sanger picklefork ski hydro trailer. New replacement trailer tongue goes over the trailer tongue channel and bolts thru the side. They are for 3 inch channel. My channel is 4 inches wide. My tongue bolts to the top of the channel. Thanks for any...
  8. SUCKER PUNCH 2003 501 Bitz Hydro

    Boats for Sale
    2003 Bitz 502 Hydro Sucker Punch Sold!
  9. Sanger Drag Hydro Questions

    Hi all, I have a Sanger Drag Hydro I'm putting together after a few years of sitting and need some help from you experts. Have owned a couple v drives in the past but never a Hydro w Lenco, and have never done the engine to V drive alignment or proper placement setup from transom. I'm a newbie...
  10. 1972 Sanger Picklefork Hydro V Drive $4750 OBO

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    1972 Sanger Picklefork Hydro V Drive $4000 OBO 1972 Sanger Pickle fork hydro vdrive. Was originally known as the pac rat boat that was the first ski/drag hydro produced in 1972. I have all the hardware that came with the boat when I got it. Should be able to fix someone else’s terrible attempt...
  11. [SOLD] 1977 Sanger 5 Rib Drag Hydro.........$8,000 obo

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    1977 Sanger 5 Rib Drag Hydro, has a Denver Capsule (needs cage updates), new 1-1/4 aquamet 22 propshaft with race taper, 1-1/4 Beaver Fab Strut, motor mount rails and rear bbc mount plate, 6gal fuel tank, 12* casale v-drive with a 72 gear, lenco cs-1 2-speed, lenco bell housing, engine to drive...
  12. Under 23' 1970 shovelnose hydro hull # 270

    Boats for Sale
    selling my shovelnose cause dont use it. BB chevy 468 4 bolt steel crank 990 heads 800 solid roller cam gm big rods tunnel ram 900 cfm predator carbs tunnel ram msd ignition casele v drive whirlaway 25 gears 2 props air shifter race seats and origional bench seats reapulstered, 8 gallon polished...
  13. dimarco hydro

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    Selling my 79 #dimarco #dragboat this is not ski hydro your Dad called a drag Boat it’s the real deal single seat outboard rudder this is one of the best hulls ever n was copied a lot. This boat was ran twice in 1980 n put away the boat was never painted it’s still is in gel coat and primer on...
  14. ****Sunken Beauty*** Hydro Shovel Nose

    Boats for Sale
    This hydro is known as the sunken beauty from a Hotboats article years ago. It sank at Havasu and sat at the bottom of the lake for years until being found and pulled out of the water. The restoration has been started but still needs lots of work. New stringers and new balsa wood floor have been...
  15. 1972 Sanger Picklefork hydro

    Found this on Facebook earlier this week and purchased it. Going down this weekend to Santa Paula to bring it to my shop in Bakersfield. Anyone know anything about this boat? The guy I’m getting it from says it was raced back in the day at Lake Ming and had number 607 on it. He also said someone...
  16. Under 23' 8 1/2 ft Hydro

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    8 1/2 ft hydro. Never been capped or drilled any holes. Has a parkay / balsa floor . This is made for like 20 or 25 hp outboard engine. Asking 400.00 located in near Sacramento. 530 903 1623. Picture was all for fun there is no engine in the boat lol
  17. Under 23' 79 HONDO Blown Gas Hydro

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    1979 Hondo blown gas hydro,581ci dart block,dart pro1 heads,cp pistons,blower shop 871 blower and intercooler, Lenco 2speed airshift trans,30/60 split,1 1/8" propshaft,outboard steering,this boat was put togeter by Norm Grimes,at Norm Grimes racing ran and tuned on his dyno putting out north of...
  18. Sanger Blown Alcohol Injected V-Drive Hydro

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    1980 Sanger Ski Hydro, 468 Blown Alcohol Injected Hydro, Heavy Lay Up, Boat Runs 125-130mph straight as an arrow, Dart Heads, Mike Kuhl 8:71 blower, 15lbs of boost with 40 tooth pulley, Enderle Bird Catcher, Arias Pistons, H-Beam Rods, Casale V Drive w/29 gear, Cleaver Prop, Custom Rudder...
  19. sanger hydro turbo ls

    Well, after about 5 years of on again off again work, this boat is finally back on the water. 1980 center steer drag hydro we bought out of a field. We reglassed the floor and stringers, plugged every extra hole in the stringers, and covered that with a layer of Kevlar. Then we filled the dash...
  20. new member reaching out to say hi .....just bought new sanger shovel hydro

    New member Introductions
    Hello Just joined your forum. I am trying to put this boat together it is a bare hull that was abruptly stopped and i am gonna finish it. Because i really like the boat and wanna have some fun with it but so far it has been very frustrating. I am not new to fabricating and engines and race cars...