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  1. Any ideas on dealing with this V-Drive SNAFU?

    So I wanted to go through the V-drive on the TR-4 as it turns tight, oil is black and also to install a whirl-away. Pop the top front cover off and there's no snap ring groove showing to pull the bearing :confused: Guessing whoever did gears last pounded the bearing in backwards but regardless...
  2. Trying to mount these puke tanks. Looking for some ideas.

    I have some things in the way so I bought a pair of these tanks so I could mount one on each end of the engine. I want something that looks decent. I had the small breathers in the old valve covers and I got some oil film on the valve covers if I ran it hard. I hate oil leaking anyplace drives...
  3. Australian 6 Liters at Long Beach need your help, ideas, etc.

    I'm thinking out loud here.....Our good friend, Ade Bloomfield, the owner of the Australian 6 Liters Team (4 boats) has run on hard times recently and well....., it doesn't look like the 6 Liters will make it to Long Beach this unless Ade finds some help and fast. Can anyone help me set up a...
  4. [Question] need idea's for Sanger startert and mag switch location and type

    I am finishing a rebuild of a Sanger flat. looking for suggestions or pics of starter and mag switch location and types. thanks for any help!
  5. Ideas for paint scheme for picklefork

    Jet Boats
    Hello guys, I am currently rebuilding a sanger picklefork, running around 850 horsepower. I am getting around to the part of the build where I need to decide what I am going to do with the paintjob. I am currently leaning towards doing some type of white pearl basecoat with some kind of...
  6. Needing ideas for interior

    I'm looking into building a nice interior for my old Nordic. All I have in it right now are two barstools that were donated to me by the VFW post in my town. I'd like to have bench seats but my gear box is right in the middle of the seats. Does anyone have any ideas or pictures of something...
  7. V-drive shifter ideas.... help?

    My v-drive in my boat has a cover over it as part of the seating configuration and I always have to open the cover to shift it into and out of gear when running. I'd like to install a shifter in front of the cover so I dont have to do this anymore. Seen a few different configurations of how to...
  8. rogers interior idea's and pic's please

    Jet Boats
    I want to redo my old rogers interior . I'm thinking maybe making it a two seater or 4 seater with rear bench. Idea's ,pi's and any regrets would help. Thanks
  9. New member, new boat, looking for ideas and stuff.

    New member Introductions
    My name is Dave, I'm prior service Navy and finally got around to buying myself something fun for the water. I got a killer deal on an '87 Marlin Aries with a Mercury Black Max 200 outboard (I have been told they are somewhat rare since most of these hulls were built inboard/outboard or jet)...
  10. Water ski racks for a flat- suggestions and ideas wanted!

    Hey gusy. We just picked up a new flatty we're going to use for waterskiing pretty much exclusively. Not that we really needed another boat but the deal would have made even Mouser proud :D. I want to make it the ultimate ski machine. The one problem with these boats as we all know is storage...
  11. need lake camping ideas

    Hey guys im planning on doing a boating/camping trip sometime in June and with the water levels being so low, im not sure where to go. I was thinking Bullards Bar but from what im hearing, the campsite is quite a hike away from the beach due to the water level. I was hoping that someone on here...
  12. Christmas gift ideas. Literature

    GN7 On the Dyno
    What are some good books for blown alcohol engine building and more importantly, blown alcohol engine tuning? Thanks
  13. Rattling sound! Any ideas??

    We have a 24' campbell and it has a turbo 400 in it. Well, two trips ago when i went to put transmission in reverse to back boat off trailer there was a loud rattling sound. A sound I have never heard. So I put trans back in neutral (sound went away) obviously this ended our attempt to go on the...
  14. Ideas for the neighbor????

    PB Open Water
    Hi guys, Twice now within a week, my neighbor has come knocking on my door in the middle of a very dangerous lightning storm!!!! We've had record rain fall with the storms too....2+" in some areas. The problem he is having is, and he sez it's cuz of my garage's been there for 20...
  15. Weekend get away ideas.......

    PB Open Water
    Annivasary is comming up. Wanna do a weekend get away. Vegas is possible- but wanna change it up a bit. If we do Vegas, who has the best resort style pool? Was thinking possible Catalina. Any ideas? Can take a short plane ride.
  16. Need RV camping ideas

    PB Open Water
    A friend of mine is letting me borrow his 38' class A and i want to take the family somewhere. Most likely will not take the boat so that is not a factor. I have never camped in an RV so not really sure where to go. We live in Santa Barbara county and want to go somewhere in CA. My kids are 4...
  17. Water line plumbing ideas for Thru Transom Bassetts

    Jet Boats
    I'm running some Bassett Thru Transom headers on the project boat and am curious of ways folks have rigged the dump lines back to the collectors. Has anyone hard lined it? I am planning on -8 coming into the motor and was hoping to use -10 going out but if I have to rig those dump lines to...
  18. Front motor mount ideas

    Does anyone have anyone have any ideas for V Drive front motor mounts other than the same old flat motor plate ?? Maybe something that comes off the standard motor mount holes down to the rail's ?? Any pictures ??? Thanks.
  19. [Question] Floor Ideas??

    PB Open Water
    Before I just put down new carpet, any other ideas?
  20. header help? ideas

    Jet Boats
    I just picked up some brand new basset shortys, very nice headers, but I'm pretty sure they were a v drive application, the angle is good on them and the distance over the transome is a bit short but livable, problem is one side is about 3 1/2 inches shorter than the other, to make up the offset...