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  1. Idol

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    I did it, that's right, chickens....... Who's getting the boot this week???
  2. Pia !!! American Idol....

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    Im not a big A.I. fan, but I do watch it when the wife is. Once again the corruption of the show ruins one the the best singers they ever had !!! No more A.I. for me..screw that corrupted show...!!!:)hand
  3. American Idol

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    I love Motown,should be great!!
  4. Americal Idol 2011

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    Ok so what's your thoughts? I know, besides AI is gay. Is this the most talented field ever? Best group of judges ever? You got any early favorites? Want to pick the winner right now? My answers to first 2 are yes and yes. Only thing I thought they got wrong is the country guy, don't think...
  5. Idol = Chris

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    Vs Adam That's all. :)hand
  6. Since 2forcefull is my new idol

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    due to the amount of boating and stuff at the house he does....Look what I did... Maiden Voyage @ Castaic Saturday - not succesful but at the Lake.... Started my new built in bar for the kegerator to match the other stuff in my will be framed and stuccoed w/ a brick 2 level bar to...
  7. American Idol

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    Won't say who won because I think Cali gets it later, but I just pray that the white folks don't riot tonight. :D
  8. OK, I will ask it...Who's watching American Idol tonight??

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    I think David is gonna win! :D:D
  9. American Idol Finalist Signs with

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    ‘AMERICAN IDOL’ FINALIST HALEY SCARNATO SIGNED TO ANCHOR L.A. BOAT SHOW COVERAGE LOS ANGELES, CA—Two rising stars will come together at this year’s Los Angeles International Boat Show, February 9-17, as American Idol Top-10 finalist Haley Scarnato joins the new...
  10. American Idol

    PB Open Water
    Anybody else tuning in this season? The first set of auditions episode was funny if a little familiar (same every season just different faces), IMO. Other than Top 10 countdown to Idol my favorite part of the show is the duets/groups episodes. It seems to cull the less than gung-ho types right...