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  1. Political Rhetoric
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Huntington Park May Name 2 Undocumented Immigrants As Commissioners « CBS Los Angeles
  3. Political Rhetoric
    Obamacare, coupled with manditory care for illegal immigrants has a cost that can't be ignored. It's already happened here, in Phoenix, at John C. Lincoln North Mountain where the entire labor and delivery floor where my wife worked for thirty years was closed. You can't pay your bills when the...
  4. Political Rhetoric
    Yup, reported today zero is preparing an executive order to grant clemency to the thousands of illegals flooding across our borders! That will surely stop the influx of illegals, NOT! If this happens, will this be '' the straw that breaks the camels back '' and starts zeros impeachment?
  5. Political Rhetoric
    Rewarding law breakers seems to be an obsession in California, lately. California Supreme Court Grants ILLEGAL Immigrant the Ability to Practice LAW!
  6. Political Rhetoric
    O and the liberal assholes open up the National Mall for illegal aliens, but pissed on the veterans!! Nancy Pelosi thanks O for opening up the NM and the WWII Memorial, but wait, the WWII Memorial wasn't open!!!! So tell me Shue, defend this!!!!! You guys piss on the veterans over people that...
  7. Political Rhetoric
    The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld an Arizona law that requires all businesses to check to make sure their employees are in the country legally — upholding a state’s effort to enhance federal immigration laws. Looks like the second wave of illegals will be departing sooner than later. Sorry...
  8. PB Open Water
    After Healthcare and Cap-And-Trade, Democrats To Push Amnesty for Illegals Wednesday, June 24, 2009 12:48 PM Democratic congressional leaders are vowing to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill this year that would give amnesty to an estimated 11 million immigrants living and working the...
  9. Political Rhetoric
    Severin suspended for comments about Mexican immigrants Comments about Mexicans and swine flu by WTKK radio host Jay Severin have prompted a flood of complaints to station management. Comments about Mexicans and swine flu by WTKK radio host Jay Severin have prompted a flood of complaints to...
  10. PB Open Water
    So my 19 year old son sick of fast food jobs etc, wants to mow lawns... So he asks me if i'll help him start a yard service business, owning my own business for 30 years i'm thinking in my mind, then weighing in a mini profile and i agree, buy HD mowers, trimmers, blowers, etc. He goes out to...
  11. Political Rhetoric
    Did I hear this correctly that the LA City Counsel passed a new ordinance that requires Home Depot and Lowes to provide shelter to the illegal’s standing out in their parking lot? And another CA city required Home Depot to erect a shelter at their cost of $98,000 and maintain it at additional...
  12. PB Open Water
    More than 1,100 arrested in Cal immigration sweep Sep 29 02:28 PM US/Eastern SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) - Federal immigration authorities say more than 1,150 people have been arrested in a special three-week sweep in California. The sweep targeted those who ignored deportation orders or...
  13. PB Open Water
    Thought this might be apropo for a boring day:D No RickRoll I promise;) NSF