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  1. New Athens, Illinois race canceled

    Races and Boating Events
    Just got a text from Roger Austin saying that the New Athens, Illinois race is cancelled. No reason given. :no: Poplar Bluff, Augusta, Chouteau, Hamilton and now New Athens. Is this going to be a year to remember or forget? :)Unsure
  2. Illinois Must allow concealed carry

    Political Rhetoric
    Anyone got the full story of Illinois being ordered today by the courts to allow citizens to carry concealed firearms, caught the last couple seconds of the report and cant find new data online. Thanks Brian
  3. Illinois is the only state that..............

    Political Rhetoric
    has NO form of conceal carry. And just look where our main problem originated from.... I know, I know... Kenya, yea, yea, yea.... :)sphss :)sphss :)sphss I say we expel them from the Union! :)bulb
  4. Tax and Spend Liberals show Illinois how wrong they really are!

    Political Rhetoric
    It appears higher taxes are not the answer. Just ask Illinois. Illinois Policy Institute - Policy Chart: Illinois Loses Most Jobs in the Nation
  5. Illinois gun owners bend over...

    PB Open Water
    and lube up. How about needing 1 MILLION dollars liability insurance if you own a gun??? Another penalty for being a law abiding citizen. HB0687 96th General Assembly House Sponsors Rep. Kenneth Dunkin Last Action Date Chamber Action 2/6/2009 House Referred to Rules Committee...
  6. New Illinois License Plates...

    Political Rhetoric
    Instead of "Land of Lincoln" on our license plates, they'll read: "Where our governers make our plates"
  7. Illinois Gov. I'm Competing Against Him

    PB Open Water
    The Tittyman has decided to compete against the Illinois Governor. I'm going to put my all important friendship up for sale. Let me know what you are willing to bid. I will accept cash, dinners, boat parts, sexual favors or anything you consider of value. Let me know what it's worth..I have a...
  8. More racism from Illinois

    PB Open Water Now if someone was to say that a senate position must be filled by a white, or Latino, or Asian, that would be discrimination, and the Jesse/Al circus would be going in all three rings:|err:|err:|err
  9. Cook County Illinois GUN BAN THREAT

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Obama's Home State. I called in and voted on their poll against this libtardedness. ISRA Alert: Cook County Phone Poll For Gun Control Ordinance Is Still Active Larry Suffredin and his cohorts on the Cook County Board are up to their old tricks again. In order to justify passage of gun...
  10. Morris, Illinois??

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Anyone here hauling a bare bones black jet across I-80 today? It was nothing but a black hull with an intake and bowl. That's it. No nozzle, no transom adapter, nada. Looks like it may have been a Taylor, minus windshield?