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  1. Increase postal rates

    Political Rhetoric
    MAKE AMERICA GREAT -- Make things more expensive. For someone who claims to want to help the middle class, why would you raise the postal rate (tax)? Does he think raising Postal Rates would increase the use of the Post Office when Amazon is already cheaper? In a tweet on Friday morning...
  2. Massive insurance tax increase

    Political Rhetoric I understand there are those who disagree with OBAMACARE. There is little doubt that changes can be...
  3. $400 Ins " increase "

    Political Rhetoric
    No claims for YEARS no other changes but thanks to impending "O" care , "out of the blue" we get a $400 per month increase from Blue Shield of Cali today effective Jan 1 :((((((
  4. Havasu Sewer $ Increase

    PB Open Water
    We just got our water bill for our Havasu House and our sewer charge just increased $37.00 from last month. Anyone else get this?
  5. Democrat round table on needed tax increase...

    Political Rhetoric
    Nancy Peeeeeeelooozie speaks out........ Nancy P.... - It's Not Complicated More - YouTube
  6. Increase boost or compression ratio?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Very good read on the subject. Increasing CR vs boost pressure
  7. Free FIOS NET speed increase

    PB Open Water
    As if it was not fast enough, Verizon FIOS has free net upgrade. I called my rep , no charge. Speed is now an incredible: Upload 58.20 and Upload at 30.77!
  8. perfomance increase ?

    Jet Boats
    looking at some upgrades one of which is diff. heads 75hp more expected any idea on poss. speed increase,and other suggestions for more speed ? current:20'sleekcraft aristocrat tunnel, 460 bbf-stock/mild, 12JCA setback W/Shoe,no ride plate yet, hyd jetovator, runs 65mph on gps @5000rpm
  9. HUGE increase in Traffic Citation- State fines

    PB Open Water
    I beleive this is addition to local fines, these are just the State of CA fines tacked on top! BPI Subject: Important Notice: HUGE California Traffic Tickets Fines Effective 01/06/2012 Please be extremely careful in your driving and car registration & insurance matters. State of California...
  10. comp ratio increase

    GN7 On the Dyno
    any idea on hp increase going from 10 to 1 on pump gas . to 12 to 1 on race fuel.
  11. Arizona Property Increase......... This went down fast.

    PB Open Water
    Property taxes going up State law creates 10 percent hikeBy JIM SECKLER/The Daily NewsPublished: Friday, June 10, 2011 5:04 AM MDT KINGMAN — Residential property owners in Mohave County may expect to see their property taxes increase beginning next spring. A state law passed by the legislators...
  12. Despite huge federal spending increase; Veterans Administration told to make cuts.

    Political Rhetoric
    And they are starting out fast. At least one popular program at our campus has already been cut....
  13. Increase the PM limit!!!!

    Community Help
    the pm limit is small, it forces alot of us to remove messages that we really would like to keep! pm's are small, they wont take up that much space.
  14. Nobama - increase taxes on businesses

    PB Open Water
    That make more than $250K per year? Did this asswipe actually say that? Did he say "most" businesses are smaller than $250K per year? Therefore the tax increase won't affect "most" businesses? wtf How can you employ people if your business earns $250K per year or less? I guess it's...
  15. McCain's going to increase the child deduction

    Political Rhetoric
    To $7500! Did you hear that in his speech last week? Very good news. These buggers are expensive. Here's my little one... How about a warm & fuzzy thread in here and post your munchkins. She's the reason I feel so passionate about the future of this country.
  16. The Other Shoes are dropping, UES Increase!!!!

    PB Open Water
    So now the full effect of higher fuel and gas (Natural) is starting the trickle down. We all are seeing what has happened to food costs and now the power bill has reared its ugly head. We have a very energy efficient A/C 2 speed unit, bills during the summer (hot) did run around $180 give or...
  17. Increase top speed 10%

    PB Open Water
  18. ** LHC Police Complaints Double Then Increase by Five **

    PB Open Water
    Complaints against police nearly double By TONY RAAP Tuesday, February 26, 2008 10:49 PM MST The number of complaints against Lake Havasu City police officers nearly doubled last year, increasing almost fivefold since 2005. The rise appears to illustrate a growing discontent...