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  1. Industrial diesel clearances

    GN7 On the Dyno
    How much clearancd is normal in an ag diesel or industial. Specifically a new hollland 3.2L 3 cyl. 3.75" (using the rule of .001) that around .0037 to .004 is ok. The useless pos crankgrinder ground it .0005 UNDER min spec. The spec allows .0005.... he thought that was pretty good. Fucking...
  2. Industrial diesel clearances

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I know fuck about industrial diesels. So... a buddy has a new holland skid steer. Crank main diamater is 3.750 ish. The ass clowns that ground the crank ground it .001 under low side. It has .0064 clearance on mains. What is max allowed? Can't find housing bore or max clearance listed in...
  3. [Announcment] Industrial Real Estate Needs for PB Folks

    PB Open Water
    Hey Guys and Gals. I am a licensed Industrial Real Estate Broker in the South Bay-Torrance, CA area and also work with brokers from my firm-NAI Capital in the Inland Empire area. Anybody on here need Industrial property for their business ? I'd love to help find you the right space, negotiate...
  4. shelving industrial 8 x 10

    Other Stuff for Sale
    industrial shelving 8' wide 10' tall two shelf's $100.00 obo call chuck thanks
  5. industrial engine exhaust removal system

    Other Stuff for Sale
    AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System is the most effective and efficient system on the market today. Fully automated and completely hands-free, this revolutionary design requires no hoses or vehicle hookups. Suspended from the ceiling, it requires no manual operation, and automatically...
  6. Brazil , the new industrial superpower???

    Political Rhetoric
    ;) Not really BUT they seem to have alot of cash to travel with... ;) "Everyone should love Brazilian tourists. They spend more per capita than any other nationality. Worldwide, Brazilian tourists shell out an average of $43.3 million a day, dropping a gigantesco $1.4 billion last April...
  7. Industrial Blvd,,,,,,,,

    PB Open Water
    If you are heading to Windsor launch ramp just to let you all know the city did a chip and seal on Industrial from the Hiway to Kiowa. I've been watching people towing boats crusin thru kicking up rocks on their boat hull. I guess some just don't care if they put small chips in their hull. Just...
  8. Ford 460 industrial truck crank pics and part numbers...

    Ford 460 industrial truck crank pics and part numbers... Cant remember who it was providing info on the thread about the forged steel 460 truck crank and even posted pics of the crank with the part number showing, HELP PLZZZZZZZZ... I think it was the "running ford off the crank snout" thread...
  9. Dow Jones Industrial Average

    Political Rhetoric
    Thew DJIA is down near the 12000 mark. The economy is beginning to look bleak. Headline Bush wants $140 billion economic package Another band-aid.