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  1. 03' 26 daytona hydromotive information

    Hey Anyone out there have or has used a HYDROMOTIVE P5X on there CCI Daytona that can give some feedback on how they did or did not like it? Also anyone have any experiance with the Mercury MAX 5 Prop? Thanks Mike
  2. 1980 Marlin speed boat information and assistance needed.

    I bought this boat several years ago, and the previous owner did not have a lot of information on the hull itself. I and am looking for more information on the hull style (Maybe the model info), as well as suggestions for a cover. As far as I know, this is a 1980 Marlin speed boat, I cannot...
  3. Looking for information about this set-up

    Jet Boats
    What can anyone tell me anything about this boat? The owner wants it gone, but he knows nothing about it. I am 120 miles away, and looking for some info, before I take the drive. I think the boat is a Kona, from the '70s, (owner thinks it a '96). On the transom housing, it say's "Jet Boat Engr"...
  4. [Question] Anyone have information on Bee Dee Marine boats?

    My dad has owned this boat since he was about 19 years old. He purchased it used from somebody who owned it for about a year or two. The only thing we know for sure is it is a Bee Dee Marine hull. Since he's not too computer savvy he wanted me to post on this message board and ask if anyone...
  5. anyone have any information about the old Hallet's?

    I picked up this 67 but I don't know much about it yet.
  6. Information on Hustler

    Jet Boats
    I bought this boat to redo. But cannot find any information on it. I have found one other picture of the same boat. I believe a person who used to be on here also had one, believe his user name was Hustler. I searched to try and find any build info but found none. My main questions are about set...
  7. who has Armando's contact information

    I may need a custom oil pan
  8. [Question] V-Drive information

    PB Open Water
    NEW to flatbottom boats and forums. I just bought a 1968 litchfield 18' it has a casale in and out gear box looking for the tools to remove bearing (upper) Also looking for information on the boat dosent seem to be a lot of info out there about this boat.:bangmyhead: Any information would be...
  9. [Question] Information about marina docking and berthing

    PB Open Water
    Information about marina docking and berthing Hello I am in the final portion of my MBA program at Babson College. We are doing some primary research to understand and potentially improve boaters experience with marina and docking. Would you please help us and fill out this anonymous research...
  10. [Announcment] Update Website information

    National Jet Boat Association – NJBA
    The website has all the updated information for racers now online. Current Records have been updated 2015 Race Schedule has been posted 2015 Race Registration forms are now available Beginning March 1st you will be able to register online and pay by credit card for your race entry and...
  11. 460 water lines and other information needed

    Jet Boats
    OK, the BBC went in spare parts, I am putting a 460 in it, I need the water hose diagram and on the water pump plate, there was a block off plate behind the cover I took off the engine, but the one I want to put on it does not look like it had one, any help and pictures would be helpful...
  12. Motel Information for Belews Creek Event

    Classic Hot Boats
    QUALITY INN AND SUITES AIRPARK EAST, 7067 Albert Pick Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409 Phone: 336-668-3638. The date for the event is Friday May 2nd thru Sunday May 4th. Make sure to tell them you are with Classic Hotboats. The rates they quoted were $72.99 for a double or $69.99 for a king...
  13. [Pics] Information about a 1974 Sanger

    Hi guys after any info/ID - its a 1974 Sanger ID on transom is SANMO1490374 - these pictures are from when it was imported into Australia in 2005 - I just got hold of it in 2013 and its a wreck, but its now in the shed in a 1000 pieces and will return better than ever. Im curious what the hull...
  14. Is there a site with spectater information for world finals

    Jet Boats
    Have looked but cant find much information. Looking for spectater admission fees, classes, times. Thanks Rick
  15. Any contact information?

    Does anyone have any contact information (email, address etc.) for Gene Dangel in Walnut Creek? He owns Rudy Ramos's old GN boat "Better Idea". I talked to him at the Lake Tahoe boat show and he had some info on an old project Belmont that I'd like to get more details about. Thanks for any help...
  16. Newbie looking for information and resources

    Just bought my first v-drive flat bottom, a 1967 Sanger, and am looking for resources and information to further educate myself. Any and all assistance for sources in the Sacto area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  17. Information needed on the attached images

    Can anyone help out by pricing out these images?
  18. Seeking Information

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    I live in Elk Grove & I'm currently on the hunt for a 25 Eliminator Daytona or DCB Mach 26. I have a wanted ad in the for sale section under Eliminator25. If any of your DLB members have or had one of these boats and are willing to share information, good or bad, I would love to talk with them...
  19. Carb help with dyno information

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Pump gas 622 dyno run, using a 1250 Dominator, Profiler intake, we ended up with a 107 jet squared with power valves to get enough fuel in the motor. We tried a 1050 Dominator done by Pro Systems, no power valve, annualr boosters, 91 jets, and it ran actually with a better fuel curve, but made...
  20. Belews creek event, motel information

    Classic Hot Boats
    RED ROOF INN 615 REGIONAL ROAD SOUTH GREENSBORO, N.C. 27409 PH: 336-271-2636 ROOM RATES: $47.99 PLUS TAX = $52.99 PER NITE If you are planning on attending this event, post up and let us know, a head count is very helpful, if anyone has any questions about this event, just send me a PM and I...