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  1. Replacing log manifolds and snails, need input

    Finaly wore out the Nicson exhausts and need some new ones. The boat is a 21ft Howard v-drive cruiser with a 468 11:1 closed chamber rect port heads and an 850 Quickfuel carb. The motor will be under an engine cover. Im trying to figure out the best route without going back to the logs. The...
  2. Input ,Holley Black

    Jet Boats
    So I need some input about fuel starvation and pressure set at 7psi ,an argument among friends will a Holley black (fuel Pump) be enough to supply 1 1050 Dominator with a fuel pressure regulator that has a bypass on a BBC 496 @ WOT ? In the past I"ve seen Holley black on a tunnel ram supply 2...
  3. Holley Throttle Bracket Input Needed

    Jet Boats
    Looking to find what throttle cable bracket to get for my push style pedal / cable setup. Going from a stock BBC intake and Edelbrock carb to a Edelbrock Victor Jr. with a Holley 850. Attached are pics of the existing bracket which is clearly not tall enough once I attach the linkage to the top...
  4. how to join engine to input shaft with flexible coupling?

    Hi Folks We still have an old style solid driveshaft between engine and vdrive and having issues with input shafts cracking due to slightly off alignment etc. How do people these days have a flexible coupling in there and what do you use? Unis? CV's? some other type of flexible coupling...
  5. [SOLD] Wanted. 10* Casale input bearing shaft seal/cap/retainer

    Parts for Sale
    I'm in need of a casale input shaft seal cap/bearing cover. It's the cap or holder that the input shaft slides through on the casale 10* case. Mine seized a bearing and it destroyed the shaft and holder.(Se pics) I have one to replace the one on the race boat but I had to rob it from my other...
  6. Want to buy. Casale bearing cap for input shaft 10*

    I'm looking to purchase an upper bearing retaining cap for the input shaft for my 10* case split box. My bearing seized on the race boat and it took out the retaining cap. It wasn't pretty. Last lap in a very important points race. Take a look and see what you have laying around. It needs to...
  7. Anyone with rotator cuff surgery before? Need input

    PB Open Water
    So I tore my supraspinatus and possibly my sublabral. Not complete ruptures but partials... I will probably have the surgery first or second week of September thanks to industrial forcing a shot and therapy first. Ive had 5 previous surgeries (2 wrist UCl ruptures, 1 hand, 1 knee) so I am...
  8. Wtb 1 3/8 casale input shaft and 12* rh gears

    Hey guys and gals, I'm rebuilding my '73 Hallett circle boat and wanted to check here first for parts. Wanting to buy: - Casale input shaft 1 3/8 diameter with 1/4 keyway. - Casale 12 degree, 15 or 18 percent RH gears. I have a set of Casale 12 degree, 12 percent LH gears if someone...
  9. Wtb 32 Spline Casale Input Shaft

    Boats for Sale
    Hi Guys I'm looking to find a 32 spline input shaft for a casale v-drive. Thanks GD
  10. WTB, input shaft, coupler, 32 spline

    Parts for Sale
    Does anyone have a V-Drive input shaft coupler for a 32 spline shaft laying around ? Thanks, JT
  11. [Question] Jetting Size Input

    Jet Boats
    I'm running a somewhat mild BBC 468 with a set of Holley 660's. Currently the jets are 78 primary and 82 secondary. Last time out, checked a plug and it was pretty lean. Also noticed on top end it had a bit of "surge" is the best way to describe it. Anyways, from experience, is it recommended to...
  12. New shop layout/ input

    GN7 On the Dyno
    OK, so many of you know my old shop burned in 2014. It's just a "hobby shop"... I do it to support my boat racing and broad chasing habit. I am finally working on putting it back together. So, I am looking for input on stuff. I have a 32 x 50 "storage" area... garage door enters there. Heated...
  13. Looking for Input: Twin 548 BBC Engine Build

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hello all, I am new to the forum and looking for input on my current engine build specific to fuel limitations on the 548's running pump gas (92 octane) with iron heads. I have spoken with many of the local engine builders with mixed opinion, but most of these guys live in the race car world as...
  14. WTB - X drive long input shaft

    Parts for Sale
    For IMCO extension box.Anyone have one for sale?
  15. WTB - B&M 420 Blower Parts - Input Shaft and Coupler

    Parts for Sale
    I need a couple input shafts and couplers... If the price is right may consider complete blowers.. Thanks Rob
  16. V-drive input shaft material

    What type of steel alloy is used for the input shaft on a v-drive. Discovered why they moved to splined shafts rather than keyed for mounting the gears when I took apart the old Belmont's Walter v-drive last weekend. No parts available for a 55 year old piece, will likely have to have a new...
  17. Drive/Trans WTB Lenco safety drive input shaft

    Parts for Sale
    I need an input shaft from the old Lenco safety drive. Lenco no longer makes them. Ray 316-644-8749
  18. Need Motor Input

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I recently looked at a gen V motor. It is complete from carb to oil pan. I has 10114182 cast in the rear, identifying a gen V block, 4 bolt main. It is completely stock with only about 4 or 5 hours on it. Still has original oil filter and belts. The guy priced the long block with the...
  19. looking to buy a used holley 850 dp need some input

    GN7 On the Dyno
    i have a friend thats going to sell me a holley 850 dp for dirt cheap and have 2 to choose from 4781-2 0668 or 4781-0533 4781-2 is electric choke and other one is manual both are mechanical secondaries. will both of these be a good choice for a ford 460. these are not marine carbs but i...
  20. Input on new vehicle

    Tow Vehicles
    I curently am towing with a Cad ext...the truck. To say it mildly, it is a turd in a fancy wraper and really doesn't fit my needs. I have the chance to get into a new vehicle. I have researched, and think I am going to purchase a new Denali crew cab dually with the diesel package....My biggest...