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  1. Breaking: Fox News is reporting Benghazi was an inside job

    Political Rhetoric
    Link here: Benghazi guards turned on US diplomats in 2012 attack, sources say | Fox News People on Reddit have connected the dots and followed the money: If you want to read the sweet spots...
  2. WTB inside stringer steering set up

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for inside stringer steering sheaves and brackets. Thanks, Steve
  3. help with this boat?!? got pics inside

    Jet Boats
    hey guys new to the boat scene. wondering if any one has any idea of what kind of boat this is. not sure if the pics will help. it has a 12jc a pump in it. any info on this pump would be great as well. upgrades/mods, an reliability. guessing its a late 70 early 80s not sure. has ful length...
  4. Would you paint or re-gel this boat? Pics inside...

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Hello all, I've done a search on the this sub forum and found this has been talked about before, but nothing very recently. And given how fast technology and materials change, I thought I'd ask again. I'm looking at buying a 26' Caribbean daycruiser. I've been trying to find one with a...
  5. Google street view goes inside.

    PB Open Water
    Kinda crazy. Hopefully the link works.,-122.151724,3a,75y,121.09h,82.59t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sUWkXT9mTlxDKwGybroD7bg!2e0!3e2?hl=en And the inside of the Lamborghini museum...
  6. Inside jay Carneys house

    Political Rhetoric
    Balancing Act | Washingtonian MOM Notice the posters on the wall Business Insider’s Hunter Walker tracks down some of the history behind the posters. One features a soldier asking “Have you enlisted?” The other features a Russian female factory worker and reads, “Women! Learn production...
  7. Inside michrometer for measuring bearing clearances

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have read a few of the threads on measuring bearing clearances. I have read that some prefer using inside mic's with out side mic's, rather than a dial bore gauge. What type and brand of inside mic, would you use, a straight style( for lack of a better word), a telescoping snap gauge, a tri...
  8. Coating inside boat

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I'm interested in something I can brush on the interior, prefer black in color. I just removed the floor and all the dingleberries in the bow. Any ideas?
  9. Water Inside Hardin Logs

    Jet Boats
    Now its my understanding that Hardin Logs have a water jacket around the chamber through which the actual exhaust gasses flow. The exhaust gas and water should never meet. Correct? I removed the exhaust manifolds from the heads today and there was water in the exhaust chamber. I'm using Rex...
  10. view from inside cocpit at wheatland race

    PB Open Water
  11. Whats this sound!?!? New Motor... Video inside

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I just got my 408 sbc running Saturday and Im getting this sound from it. Once its warmed up it goes away and if you give it throttle it goes away. I have good oil pressure and no misfires. We started it up on the floor and this sound wasnt there. Put it in the boat and now... Kinda...
  12. Top mount starter guys check inside

    Jet Boats
    I have what I believe is a Lighting top mount 2 bolt starter set up. Rear engine mount is 1/2" than there is a 2 1/8" spacer with a IMI Hi Torque starter with the supplied 3/8" spacer. The starter seems to engage to far and gets hung up and sticks. Do I need a thicker spacer or is there a...
  13. How do you guys keep the inside of your flatty clean when in use?

    Seems like a logical question. My other boat, a Rogers jet the same size as my flatty, has a 'bilge' area under the engine. Forward of that, the floor is higher. With that and the seats, all the yuck stays in the rear part of the boat. On my Hondo flatty as shown, the floor is completely...
  14. Inside storage Cars -other

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Around the end of October I anticipate having 3-4 spots available for inside storage. I am relocating my shop presently to the unit behind the one I'm in now and the layout will completely change. This will be especially suited to cars.. classic cars, project cars, whatever type of cars. Boat...
  15. The people inside the DNC believe we should cap profits!

    Political Rhetoric
    Self proclaimed communist Van Jones won't talk to Peter Schiff and by the end of the video, unknown self proclaimed communist think Peter Schiff is the smartest man they talked to at the DNC! These people believe the government should put a ceiling on success and limit or ban profits...
  16. boat cap inside bonding??

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    as i inspect the jet boat i currently have it seems the cap is only fastened to the hull around the outside under the rub rails. when weight is applied to the sides there is a slight flex of the inner cap towards the floor. i noticed this when a friend set the full cooler on the side to step...
  17. Inside job !

    Political Rhetoric
    "I will suggest as I have elsewhere that EVERYONE rent and absorb this movie. ... In my opinion it is everything that is wrong with our economy today. Corruption and greed know few limits.".... REX Inside Job - Movie Website for the Documentary Film Awhile back Rex recommended this movie...
  18. Movie; Inside Job

    Political Rhetoric
    I guess this falls under "political" but it certainly is not rhetoric!.... Has anybody else had the opportunity to see (and learn) what has been put together in this documentary film? If you havent you owe yourself an opportunity to educate yourself a little bit on the American Financial...
  19. Surprise inside the Carbs

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Bought a motor and decided to final take a peak, fresh rebuild, low hours, but its been sitting a bit. Started with the carbs, check out what was in the bowls...